Newsletter No 11 - May 2010


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6 June 2010

The next AMTM A.G.M. will take place on the 6 June 2010.

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A team of 7 AMTM volunteers (joined by our local representative Kunzang, who came especially from Kathmandu) led by Daniel Collin went to the regions of Kalimpong and Sikkim in India from the 15 – 29 March 2010.
The photos of this mission are in the AMTM Gallery.

Zangdhok Palri revisited!

The new man in charge (seen here with Laurent Roubach, who was responsible for humanitarian aid on this mission) a former child at this site, young with a modern outlook, open-minded and paternal, has inspired many monks.
A year ago this site was opened again for sponsorships.
Currently 70 children live in the monastery where a modern and traditional education programme is taught, including dancing.

Dr Sylvie Copeau, the senior doctor for this mission, has sponsored the unborn child of Pema Chotso, the English teacher:  the Association’s youngest sponsored child!


The Sisters of Cluny

Joy in doing good deeds!

Our meeting with the Sisters of Cluny is always a wonderful joyous moment.  They are always very busy and totally dedicated, giving is what motivates them!
Furthermore, for the Sisters everything is optimised, maintained and not wasted.

The AMTM team gave 32 medical consultations and were able to see several patients who had undergone operations last year, thanks to your donations, two being for major surgery: open heart surgery and the spine.  And everyone is fine!
Help for the house for Aids patients continues with payment for a counsellor (a medical adviser).
A wealthy New Zealand donor constructed a building at the Nuns’ site for saving children off the streets and to provide an education for them.  They sought help from AMTM to provide sponsorships.  The Projects Group and the Board of Directors are going to study this request as soon as possible.

Sikkim - Gangtok

The opening of a new Health Centre

Always mindful of developing a presence outside of our missions, AMTM has financed the conversion of part of the premises at this site into a Health Centre.
That is why Dr Sylvie Copeau came back to cut the ribbon….
AMTM’s medical team immediately set to work and carried out 82 consultations!

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