Partner companies

Many companies take part in AMTM action or have intervened in many ways in favor of the persons we help in Nepal and in India, in particular:

    Since 2013, ODDO Bank has donated large funds for various projects in Nepal and India. It also lends AMTM its premises, boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris, during the Christmas party of the association!

  • Qatar Airways
    For years, Qatar Airways gives us special fare tickets and extra kilos to bring medicines, clothes and toys.
  • "Première" Magazine
    Offers a full page in one of its publications, as well as a one-year subscription for our annual Christmas party lottery.
  • Fennix
    Fennix Agency Events-Catering and its leader, Mario Martini, offer each year at the AMTM Christmas party, a quality buffet for more than 400 people..
  • EUROPE 1
    Regularly and freely broadcast messages or appeals from AMTM on its stations.
  • TalentSoft
    TalentSoft supports AMTM regularly and in various ways as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • AstraZeneca
    Through its foundation and Fondation de France, Astrazeneca has funded several important AMTM projects in Nepal, including the creation of an emergency department and a large vaccination campaign against hepatitis B.
  • AXA Atout Coeur
    The association AXA Atout Coeur at La Fayette-Drouot (Paris) contributes to AMTM fund-raising by sending the mailshots through AXA mail department.
  • Talents & Partage
    The association Talents & Partage aims to organize, implement and support humanitarian activities with employees and retirees of Société Générale Bank Group, or their spouses and children. She helped AMTM to finance several construction projects in Nepal and India.
  • Air France
    Grantes us special tickets and extra kilos. Every year, Airfrance also gives us a free ticket as "jackpot" of our annual Xmas feast lottery.

  • Jouets KimInter
    Gives us many toys for our godchildren of Nepal and India. 
  • Atoll-Palme
    Grants us special prices for the purchase of jewelry to be sold at our stands during our Christmas fête.


Other companies support or have supported financially our action: