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Mission en Inde

du 20 avril au 5 mai 2019

Lara Fabian

Since 2006,  Lara Fabian supports AMTM. A big thank you to this generous patron who is sensitive to our actions!  You will find below the details of this collaboration which is just beginning…


Our President, Laurent Charbonnier, and Laurent Roubach, active member of AMTM and Lara’s guitarist, warmly thank Lara after the concert of September 25, 2006.


Also thank you to her entire team and to all the fans who help us (including through online donations), publicizing the association, among them

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Lara Fabian and AMTM

  • Lara at the exhibition "Peuples de l'Himalaya"  (People of the Himalaya) on November 26, 2010

    Lara delighted us being present at the private viewing of Daniel Collin photos exhibition, at Atelier Z, avenue de la Grande Armée in Paris.

    Beautiful moments of exchange and emotions to discover the shots Daniel, a photographer and a volunteer, has gleaned during many missions in which he participated on the spot with AMTM in Nepal, India and Bhutan.

  • Panique dans l'oreillette  13 January 2010

    Thanks to the "surprise visit" of Laurent Roubach (member of AMTM) during the show, Lara has been able to express his commitment to us.


    This programme on French TV channel "France2" has been seen by more than 1 800 000 persons. A great publicity for AMTM...

  • N'oubliez pas les paroles 1 January 2010

    Lara and Eric Laugérias defended brilliantly AMTM colors on the France2 French TV channel!


    This programm has been seen by more than 4 600 000 persons...
    ... and €20 000 has been collected for AMTM actions!

    Thank you Lara for this beautiful initiative...

  • Concerts in Zenith at Paris October 7th and 8th, 2009

    AMTM had a stand during these evenings...
    and we were able to meet Lara!

    Pictures of these events : here

  • Lara evokes her commitment with AMTM, and in particular children that we help in a beautiful article of Santé Zen magazine (n°10 - July 2009).

  • On Thursday, November 9, 2006, Lara was Cauet’s guest on TF1 TV channel.  She mentioned her support to AMTM in this clip (mpeg file to download). Thank you to Cauet and to his entire team for this great initiative!

  • Lara was also Pierrick Roux’s guest on ChérieFM radio program “En toute intimité” between 9:00pm and 10:00pm on Wednesday, October 25, 2006.
    In this extract, she talked about  the concert given on September 25 for our association. The podcasts of this interview on Chérie FM in their entirety are here: 1   2   3   4   5   6   7

  • Exceptional piano-voice concert of Lara Fabian in aid of AMTM at the Casino de Paris

    « A huge THANK YOU to Lara for this evening show of September 25, 2006, which was exceptional! An unforgettable and unique day for the team of AMTM…
    Lara, thank you for your presence, your talent, your generosity, your love…

    Thank you for your commitment with us, thank you for your trust.

    Also thank you to Pierre Grimard for his superb piano performance and to Claudia MEYER for her energy, her joy!
    At last, thank you to all the fans for this indescribable atmosphere!
    Some photos of this evening show here.

    Thanks to the impetus Lara gave,  all the participants of this event were volunteers and that is €49,000 that we can use for the persons from the Roof of the World we take care of.

    The allocation of the funds will be put online below, as the achievements on the spot progress.

    Thank you all! »

    Laurent Charbonnier, President

Use of the funds of the Concert


  • May 2007

    €9,598 – Participation in the sending of a medical, humanitarian and sponsorships mission of 16 persons in Nepal (Kathmandu Valley)

          The mission in details and photos

  • March 2007

    €9,000 – Purchase of a pick-up with a tank for the site of Jangsar Dechen Chöling in Kalimpong (India)
    All the residents and especially the children will be able to drink (after water filtering) and to wash, even during the months of the dry season when there was not even a drop of water on the site…

  • January 2007

    €19,432 – A medical house on the Roof of the World, 3,800 m high,  for the 10,000 inhabitants of the Spiti valley in India:
    The 2 floors building of 440 m2 will have 4 hospitalization rooms, 2 consultations rooms, 1 emergency room, 1 infirmary, 1 tests room, 1 radiography room, 1 pharmacy, 2 offices, 4 toilets

    … that is a longstanding access to care, lives saved.
    For this project amounting to €50,000, the generous participation of the members of AMTM was of €30,568.

    Lara enables us to complete this budget and to start the building work.

    At this altitude, the works can be done a few weeks a year only.
    The inauguration is planned in 2010 or 2011.

  • October 2006

    €1,810 - Building of  additional classrooms at Nyingma Palyul in Pharping.
    The children will no longer be in hot sun during the summer and in the cold during the winter.

  • October 2006

    €3,160 – Construction of showers at Snowland Ranag School in Kathmandu. Hygiene is the necessary basis of any longstanding action.