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du 20 avril au 5 mai 2019

Il Divo

Sébastien helps AMTM actions!

Sébastien Izambard, one of the 4 members of the international lyric pop band IL DIVO, is a fervent patron of AMTM.

Auctions of belongings, tickets for his concerts as raffles prizes, he's supported us since 2005 through original and nice actions.



Also than you to the whole band Il Divo and its team, and to all the fans who help us (in particular with online donations), especially:

  • La Celebrazione, in particular Janey,  for their generosity with two donations of €2,420 and €3,560 and boxes of toys for the children (photo below)
  • BAD, Bays Area Divas from San Francisco (USA) with four donations of €374, €586, €500 and €1566, and also the purchase on Ebay of 2 T-shirts signed by Sebastien, at €325 each.
  • Emma, administrator of the site Le piace Il Divo ? in Japan with two donations of €1,000 and €600
  • Blue Angel from Texas (USA), especially Terri, with a donation of €1,150.
  • Dutch Divas (Jolande and all the team in Holland), who organized an auction which brougth in €1000,
  • All members of Il Divo forums who participated in the DIVOLYMPICS and  particularly: ameslouise, FineWines, Jackie228, Laurene, Oktobersky, wendy. $1000 were raised thanks to the time they kindly devotet do AMTM,
  • All participants of DivoMania in Belgium and especially Lindsay (a member of who collected €700 and gave us many bags of toys for the children,
  • The French Team (Cécile, Florence and the entire team)...




You will find the details of this active cooperation below:


  • April 2012 : Sébastien in Concert at London

    To the delight of his fans, Sébastien takes, on stage, the flag of the French Team, always at the forefront in helping the association, flag on which the AMTM logo clearly appears!

    Watch the video on YouTube!


  • 2011 : "Wicked Game", the new album of Il Divo

    Once again, Sébastien doesn't forget AMTM in the "thanks" of the latest band's album: "Thanks AMTM for the continuous support for people in real need".


  • Sébastien Izambard supports another exceptionnal sale

    Once again, Sébastien supports AMTM projects with great enthusiasm.
    This time, he has accepted to promote the selling of a "collector" bottle of wine on Ebay: this bottle belonged to Al Bano's father.
    Do you remember? Al Bano and Romina Power, the famous couple who sang "Felicita"

    This video on YouTube
    has already been viewed thousands of times!




  • Sébastien announces the April 2010 AMTM mission in Népal

    Always ready to help the association, Sebastian spent the time to come to AMTM in Nanterre, and register a message to announce the departure of the AMTM mission to Nepal in April 2010.

    This video is available on YouTube and has already been viewed by thousands of Il Divo's fans!

    Thanks again Sébastien for your kindness and dedication.




  • Sebastian's post year-end 2009 message

    With this video (available on YouTube), Sebastian personnaly wanted to thank all those who have shown their generosity by supporting AMTM this year.

    And thank you to David Miller, also a member of Il Divo band, who held the role of cameraman!




  • December 2009 : the last 4 dedicated T-shirts "Sébastien Izambard"  and a 5th signed by the four singers of Il Divo, have been sold on E-bay.

    Thanks to this operation and to the initiative of German fans (especially Sabine Kern) who managed to make sign an AMTM T-shirt by the 4 singers of Il Divo, it is about €460 which were collected and which will be allocated to our missions.
    Thanks to the happy buyers from France, England and United States!

    There are still a few special T-shirts on sale in the AMTM shop...





  • Concert in "Zenith" at Paris on April 9th, 2009

    AMTM had a stand during this evening and we were able to meet the group!

    The concert in pictures: here




  • March 2009: 5 "Sébastien Izambard" T-shirts auctionned on Ebay.

    These T-shirts have been created especially for AMTM by our partner Lisa Tsang, a young, very generous and talented designer from Hong Kong.
    Bravo and a big thank you to the happy buyers, it is more than €2,400 which were collected for the persons we take care of!

    The details of this nice operation here.

    There are still a few ones on sale in the AMTM Shop...


  • November 2008 : Promise, the new album of Il Divo

    In a very nice way, Sebastien always has a thought for AMTM...
    For the thanks of this album: "... My continued support and thanks to AMTM ( you are simply the best and of course to all of you! I hope we kept the promise. Love Seb x"



  • Sébastien Izambard sells a shoe at auction for AMTM actions!

    As a matter of interest, during Il Divo world tour 2007 in Zurich, Sébastien was sitting on the stage and during the song “Somewhere” a fan managed to steal his left shoe (which can be seen on YouTube)!

    Sébastien decided to sell the right shoe on ebay in aid of AMTM, from Novemver 19th to 29th, 2007.

    With the shoe, there was a thank card signed by Sébastien…

    Thanks to him for this nice initiative!
    And a huge thank you to the many bidders who participated

    Final winning bid: €6,890!

    Find here an interview in which Sebastien tells this "stolen shoe" funny story...



  • Il Divo raffle from April 19th to May 7th, 2007: €6,300 for AMTM actions

    Our Ambassador, Sébastien Izambard, organized a raffle with twice two VIP seats (the winners could meet him before the concert) for one of Il Divo concerts in Europe!
    See the video on YouTube

    The total benefit of this operation were given to AMTM.

    Thank you to Jill for this wonderful organization!

    And thank you Sébastien for this nice initiative.



  • Christmas gifts 2006

    • This year again, members of  Il Divo official forum chose to make a donation to AMTM as a “Christmas gift” in the honor Sébastien.
    • 47 donations were made for a total amount of €1,521
    • Many thanks for such a generosity and trust!
    • Thank you to Jill for this initiative!

    • Japanese fans also chose  AMTM to make donations as “Christmas gift” in the honor  Il Divo
    • 120 donations were made for a total amount of €1,000.
    • A big thank for this trust and this wonderful generosity!
    • Thank you to Emma for this initiative on the site: Le piace Il Divo ?


  • November 2006: Siempre, Il Divo new album

    In a very nice way, Sébastien has mentioned  AMTM in the thanks of this album….



  • May 2006 – Paris concert

    5 members of AMTM could be at the concert Il Divo gave at the Palais des Congrès in Paris on May 21st, 2006.

    We could meet the band and its team on this occasion.

    Until other large-scale projects, they gave us two boxes of toys and cuddly toys for the children, that we shall bring to Nepal in June.

    A nice evening with a talented band, generosity and good mood!
    Thank you to Jill  (and to her daughter), the very nice moderator of the forums on Il Divo site, for this photo.
  • The distribution of the toys:

« We are really very happy to contribute hand in hand with you to this wonderful work you do which makes those who need help smile again.

Long life to AMTM and to your team!

Friendly yours. »

Sébastien Izambard

A nice encouragement Sébastien gave to the entire team after the concert of May 21st, 2006 in Paris!


The very beautiful page which was offered to AMTM in Il Divo World Tour 2006 programme!


  • Christmas gifts 2005

    • This year, members of  Il Divo official forum chose to make a donation to AMTM as a “Christmas gift” in the honor Sébastien.

    • More than €2,200 were collected..

    • A big thank for this trust and this wonderful generosity!

  • Sébastien visits us

    • Our President warmly thanks our patron, Sébastien, as he was visiting our office. They are already thinking about new projects….


  • Raffle

    • Sébastien Izambard and his band Il Divo organized a raffle in aid of AMTM.
      On September 20th, 2005, Sarah Waddey won Sébastien’s Armani stage costume.

      More than €5,000 were collected…

      A big THANK to Sébastien, to his band, to his team (especially Jill) and, of course, to his many fans

      And cheer Sarah…