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Mission en Inde

du 20 avril au 5 mai 2019

Special Events

The support from artists, scientists, companies

Since the inception of Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde in 1992, many personalities of Arts, Sciences and Letters as well as companies give their precious support. The collected funds are used on the spot.

Il Divo : les actions d'AMTM grâce à Sébastien !

lara fabian au casino de paris

cauet pour toit de monde

Laurent Charbonnier et Laurent Roubach félicitent chaleureusement Lara.

Hubert Reeves

A "Qui veut gagner des Millions ?" Shirel et Jeanne Manson passent le cap des 100.000 € !


Lara Fabian, Sebastien Izambard, Qui veux gagner des millions ?, but also:

  • Yves Duteil in 1999, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Michael Jones, Jean-Félix Lalanne and all the best French guitarists of « Collectif Blues » gave concerts in 2002 and 2005 and donated their entire fee to AMTM.
    Photos of the 2005 Club Med World Concert

  • Sales exhibitions of French and foreign contemporary artists paintings and sculptures are held throughout the year.
    The artists donate 30% of the proceeds of the sale to the association. .


  • Hubert Reeves has his head in the cosmos and is open-handed.  Agreeing to give for free a conference entitled « L’avenir de la vie sur la Terre » (The future of life on Earth) which was organized by the association, the astrophysicist assessed the future of the human kind on the planet.
    A generous and meaningful initiative!