AMTM Newsletter No 40 - July 2013


The Director’s Cup on behalf of AMTM

On Sunday 29 September 2013, Stéphane Schaeplinke will  welcome us to the Forges les Bains Golf Course for his ‘Director’s Cup on behalf of AMTM’.

Rules of the game:  a simple round from a shotgun tee-off. As the number of players will be limited to 96; selection will be made from the list of names.
Players listed after number 36, who would like to take part, will be placed on a waiting list.

The green fee is 47€. The competition entry fee of 20€ will be donated to AMTM.
Payment will be made on arrival at the Club on the 29 September.
Teams will assemble at 8h30.

For those of you wishing to pick up some tips on ‘golf swing’ a taster session is planned from 11h30 to 13h.

Registration is via email and starts on the 4 September.
Surname, First Name, Membership Number and Handicap to

Have a great golf swing! 


A date to be added to your diaries now:  as in previous years, the AMTM Annual Fair will be held in the superb UNESCO Rooms on Sunday 8 December 2013.


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At our first attempt it was a resounding success!

On Sunday 16 June, at the Saint-Cloud Park (Sèvres) AMTM took part, for the first time, in the Race for Heroes organised by the online fund-raising site ALVARUM.

A few figures :

  • 60 runners agreed to raise funds and to run on behalf of AMTM
  • 55 reached their target  (a minimum of 200€ )
  • 22 even won their badge for ‘Super Heroes’  (a minimum of 500€)
  • On the day 31,426€ were collected for AMTM!

  • 4,000 people took part in this race
  • belonging to 170 Associations
  • 1.5 million euros were collected for this one race in Paris.

For our first attempt at this race AMTM fulfilled all its aims:

  • To assemble a large team of runners, of whom almost all reached their target!
  • To generate an impressive ratio of Super Heroes (40% compared to the average of 24% for the other Associations).
  • And obviously to raise the necessary funds for our project and the preparation of future missions.

This performance was acknowledged by Alvarum who mentioned AMTM in their Newsletter, which was sent out during the race, under the title:


In the North-West of India, AMTM has built a
Medical Centre at an altitude of 3,700 metres, thanks to 50 Heroes.


You weren’t there?

You’ll find a few photos of this wonderful morning in the AMTM Album...

... along with Fred Trenteseaux’s photos, our official photographer:
Photos Gallery 1
Photos Gallery 2

Let us remember...

The aim of this event is very practical:

The completion of a medical building on Top of the World!

This construction will benefit thousands of people in this region from the Spiti area in India. There, where today it often requires 3 days of walking to get treatment, the Medical Centre will bring security and first-aid care.

Thanks to you, the funds are going to be transferred quickly, so that the building work can begin again.

You will be given regular updates on the progress of the construction work, especially via our Newsletter.


Who took up the challenge on behalf of AMTM, by spreading their message far and wide


Who replied, “Count me in” by supporting one of AMTM’s runners

For those of you wishing to take part in this adventure:

You can still do so up until the 15 July by choosing one of the AMTM runners and by making a donation on a secure collection page... JUST SEE HERE.
The extra funds collected will finance future missions for medical care and humanitarian aid in Nepal and India…

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