AMTM Newsletter No 39 - May 2013


Oriental Dancing on the 20 June

Another generous initiative by Assia Guemra, who is organising a performance of Oriental Dancing on the 20 June 2013 at the Théâtre de Chaville (in the Parisian area) on behalf of AMTM.

Thanks Assia!

Download a poster of this show HERE!



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A heavy programme... all targets achieved!

Jangsa Dechen Chöling
At this site the AMTM Team discovered the new building, which houses a new kitchen and Dining Room, financed by AMTM donors, as well as the Foundation of Talents & Partage and the SODEXO Group.
Let us remind ourselves that the site had been, up until now, a dilapidated, unhealthy kitchen and that the residents had no common area in which to eat their meals.
This has been an exemplary project in every way:  co-ordination between the people in charge of these premises and AMTM in France, constructed in a short space of time (under a year), and the quality of this project technically.
On quite a different matter, thanks to the help from AMTM, a resident at this site has been operated on and saved following a serious stroke.  Today, he is out of danger.
It is the moment to thank all those who, through their regular donations, allow AMTM to carry on financing the purchase of medicines and the cost of major surgery!
At the request of the site Manager, AMTM doctors delivered a course to explain how the Hepatitis B and HIV viruses are transmitted.  The Manager’s wish is that the residents themselves will inform the population around this region, as it is often ignorant about these matters.

To view all the photos of this mission go to the AMTM Photos Gallery

Zangdhok Palri
The site is mourning the loss of a huge figure from the Monastery, Lama Chimed.
At the same time as the interviews and medical consultations were taking place, the team prepared, with the site Manager, for the construction of a multi-functional building, financed by AMTM and its sponsor  the Foundation of the ODDO Bank.

The Cluny Sisters

After the departure of Sister Declan, and the return to France of Sister Theresa Raï, the AMTM Team is getting to know the new people in charge, who still possess the same unbelievable courage, intelligence and dynamism!

The Gonjang Monastery (Sikkim)
Here, familiarity with the rules of hygiene is still a priority.  However, on a positive note, thanks to the local doctor,  Dr Golwa: the setting up of regular consultations at the medical centre will benefit the residents and the poorest people of this region.

Thanks to all of you, donors, sponsors, partners, without whom none of this would be possible!

Laurent Roubach, Head of this Mission



You too are financing projects in the field

In only a few days, thanks to all the fundraising pages that they have created on the Alvarum site, which have been distributed to all the addresses of those closest to them, two of AMTM’s volunteers,  Dominique Helo and Marie Couturier-Tousche have raised 1,100€ and 1,325€ respectively for the projects which are close to their hearts.
Discover the videos filmed in the field:

More information about ALVARUM here… (in French)

And finally, Alvarum is also for The Race of Heros in which AMTM is participating on the 16 June 2013!

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