AMTM Newsletter No 38 - March 2013


From 27 April to 12 May 2013

The departure date is almost here for our team!
5 Volunteers will visit the sites supported by AMTM in the areas around Kalimpong and Sikkim in N.E. India.

The budget for the 2013 Missions is far from being finalised…
Without  your generosity, we cannot be active out in the field.
Please make a donation online!

On their behalf, thank you!


On the 16 June, become a hero by running for AMTM !

The Race for Heroes will take place in the Parisian Region, on the 16 June at the Parc de St. Cloud.
You can complete the 6kms race any way you like, by running, walking or flying…… in a festive atmosphere.
The objective:  in order to take part in the race, each runner must collect donations from those closest to him/her, be they friends, family, or colleagues, on behalf of AMTM…

The aim: to finalise the construction of a medical centre in India, in the Spiti area, which lies at an altitude of 3,700m.
For more details, CLICK HERE (in French).


The next A.G.M. for AMTM will take place on the 9 June 2013.
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Thank you for your commitment to us!

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Mission in March 2013:  Team work!

A week has already gone by since our return and the fragrance of Nepal still lingers on in the hive of activity at our Head Office at Nanterre, where everyone is still busy managing the return from this Mission!

You can find all the photos of this Mission in the AMTM Photos Gallery

Our partnership with the local team, at the AMTM House in Kathmandu, has consolidated the three main areas of our activities:

First of all Medical:  our two French doctors and the Nepalese lady doctor examined and treated 636 patients.  It was the same intensive activity for our nurse, who was assisted by the female nurse from the AMTM House.

These collaborations are beneficial for both teams, as they exchange knowledge and also specific information about treatments (especially for Scabies and skin irritations caused by Lice).

Humanitarian Aid:  the doctors’ recommendations were immediately carried out:  the mattresses and bedding were replaced, the bed linen and clothes were washed thoroughly, and follow-up training sessions were given on hygiene…

In the same way the Project Hygiene Kit has been continued since its launch last October:  the distribution of 350 hygiene kits (toothbrush, tooth paste, towel, pillowcases).

There again, the partnership with the local team from the AMTM House was effective:  the pillow cases had been made beforehand in a small workshop specialising in Nepalese designs, which reduced the cost.

The Water Energy Project is continuing: now there is hot water at Samye Memorial……
…..  and on the site of Rigzin Phodrang, very large capacity water tanks will be installed, so that all the residents may have water in abundance.

And finally, Sponsorships€92,460 were handed over for 373 sponsored people, who were all interviewed.  126 of these sponsorships are independent, and for this reason it requires a personal follow-up tailored to their individual needs, so that your money will be spent wisely.

All that is only the visible side of the work which  AMTM volunteers carry out.   A huge THANK YOU goes to all of those who, throughout the year, work in the background so that these missions are successful…I’m thinking about the Team of ‘Accountants ‘, who are always discreet but efficient, the ’Communications Team’  (Newsletter, Journal, posters, calendars….), the ones who come up with ideas and organise the events, all those pairs of hands, which like busy, invisible bees, carry out the daily tasks which are often anecdotal but vital….

And you, the donors, who are the nourishing nectar which is so vital for all our actions…..

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sabine Jauffret-Charbonnier
Mission Leader.




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