AMTM Newsletter No 37 - February 2013


From the 7 to 21 March 2013

Our team is in the field...
11 volunteers are visiting 10 of our sites in the Kathmandu valley.
As usual, you will be able to follow their actions thanks to the photos posted every evening in the AMTM Photos Gallery.

The budget for the 2013 Missions is far from being finalised (especially for the one to India in April)…
Without your generosity, we cannot work in the field, please make a donation online!

On their behalf, thank you!


Gather around you those closest to you, your family, your colleagues,  to participate in a realistic project on behalf of AMTM.
A few ‘fund raisers’ have already started to do this, thanks to the  site. 
The result:. several donations in a few days!

For more information about this, CLICK HERE (in French).

In fact is a site comparable to Charity Giving in England.

Be free to visit the pages created by Jo Barrass Short on, by inserting AMTM in the search area.


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The construction of a Kitchen + Dining Room

Only a few months ago, the 80 residents of the Jangsa Dechen Chöling School in  Kalimpong (India), of whom the majority are children, didn’t have a room in which to have their meals.
The food was prepared in a dilapidated building filled with smoke from an old wood-burning oven, which didn’t comply with any basic rules of hygiene...

The AMTM Representatives for this site, Brigitte and Laurent Roubach, have handed over a total of  12,110€ for a project to erect a building housing a new kitchen and dining area.
The funds were raised, thanks to you the donors and the Company Talents & Partage and the Foundation for the Sodexo Group as part of its ‘Stop Hunger’ programme.

Work began after the AMTM Team’s visit in May 2012, and the first stage started to spring up from the ground under the supervision of Tsultrim Dorjee, who sent us photos throughout the various stages of construction.

Today, the Jangsa School has the use of a new dining room, and a bright, clean kitchen in which the food will be prepared, in good conditions, for the benefit of tens of children who are growing up!

All thanks to you, and our two sponsors Talents & Partage and Sodexo!


AMTM is financing medical training

AMTM never tries to impose its action when it doesn’t match up with the real desires in the locality.
Yet, when two students from Palyul expressed their desire to learn and be trained to help out in the school infirmary, AMTM agreed and responded by financing their attendance at the course (2 x 110 €!).

Today, both of these young men are following medical training for 7 hours a day at The Shechen Clinic in Kathmandu.

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