AMTM Newsletter No 35 - November 2012


The 2013 calendar is on sale!

This year children take pride of place in joyful photos taken during our missions.
Treat yourself, or offer one to your friends while helping AMTM at the same time…
Everything is going up in price, except for the AMTM Calendar:  €7 !

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Make a worthwhile gesture while wishing a Happy Christmas, in 10 languages, to those closest to you !
Both these greetings cards were created from drawings made by children at The Samye School in Kathmandu.
They are now available from the online AMTM Shop.


On the 2nd December,
UNESCO welcomed AMTM

Buffet, raffles for adults and children, a warm atmosphere, a beautiful Xmas Market and this year a show of Nepali dancing… with almost 400 visitors.
And children filled with wonder at the arrival of Father Christmas!


For a Hygiene Kit for every child!

Our Medical and Humanitarian Aid teams have joined forces to carry out a large scale project devoted to hygiene.  We have observed the extent to which the health of the populations has improved by following the most basic rules of hygiene.
After an experimental phase, we are launching our campaign « Hygiene Kit», in order to distribute some kits, containing basic quality products, in each of the sites which we support. Each one costs €10 and contains:
* 1 toothbrush and box plus 2 tubes of toothpaste
* 1 soap and box and 1 towel  
* 1 razor and 10 blades (if required)
* 2 pillowcases
* 1 instructions sheet
In order to optimize the result, the distribution of the kits will be followed by specific training sessions in the rules of basic hygiene and meanwhile we will guarantee the follow-up and supervision.
Only your donations will allow us to offer these products.
Thank you, on their behalf, for their health and their future!



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With good humoured efficiency…

You have been following all our actions undertaken in the locality, on a daily basis, (via the AMTM Photos Gallery).

Apart from the work carried out by the Medical, Development Aid and Sponsorship Teams, who co-operated with each other, a few facts are worth highlighting:

  • The completion of the work for our Water and Energy Project at Nyingma Palyul which will allow 300 children at this site to have water of good quality and in sufficient amounts.

  • The launching of the work for the Water and Energy Project at 2 new sites (Kunsang Choling Nunnery and Urgyen Do Ngak Choling).

  • The launch of the trial phase for the Hygiene Kit Project with 60 children at the Od Sal Choling site. In six months time, after an assessment, the project will be put in place at all the sites.

  • The meeting with the Cluny Sisters in Nepal, who have been our partners in India for more than 10 years, where we studed the possibility of mutual help…


I would like to offer my warmest thanks to all those who allowed this mission to succeed:

  • The Team of 13 members who worked in an energetic and harmonious way.
    The local team, which is gradually taking on roles, which is what I have always wanted, so that our three axes can be operational there throughout the year, in the same spirit, around Eric and Kunsang.
  • The preparatory work undertaken from now on will be essential to the success of our missions: Dr Kusang, our nurse Pramila and Ashmita (who manages the stock of medicines) for the Medical side, Sudarshan for the Development Aid and Kunsang and Eric for the Sponsorships.
  • The team in France, as it is their work prior to our departure which makes the mission efficient and fluid.
  • Finally, and certainly not least, all of you, donors, members, sponsors and especially the Members of the 200+ Club without whom nothing would be possible.

I take stock of the importance of everyone’s help, especially at this time which is still economically depressing, to have succeeded in maintaining and developing our missions for 20 years now…

Thank you all!

Laurent Charbonnier


Almost €8,500, is the total reached by the NépaGazelles, through the site Alvarum, for their race in Nepal, which means 850 Hygiene Kits for children at several sites in Kathmandu !

They were able to meet the AMTM Team during their mission in October and witness their work in the field.

Thank you to such a sporty and humanitarian bunch!

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