AMTM Newsletter No 34 - October 2012


His Eminence Ambassador Mohan Krishna SHRESTHA and his wife warmly welcomed our President Laurent Charbonnier and Dr Véronique Tiennot at the Nepalese Embassy in Paris.
The Ambassador generously offered to help AMTM with the organisation of the Xmas Fair, at the beautiful UNESCO rooms, on behalf of the children of Nepal.
We also mentioned the difficulties we face when trying to send new clothes for the children, which our partners have donated.  There again, the Ambassador offered his help…


On the 2 December UNESCO welcomes AMTM

Come with your friends!
There will be a buffet, tombolas for children and adults,  a band, a warm atmosphere and this year a display of Nepalese Dancing…
You will be able to meet the Association’s volunteers and ask all the questions you want at the AMTM stands.
The children will marvel at the arrival of Father Xmas!
The various stands will offer the grown-ups the chance to do their Xmas shopping.

UNESCO : 7, place Fontenoy, 75007 Paris

Métro Cambronne.


AMTM is organising a huge event to celebrate its 20th anniversary: 20 artists (painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers...) will be chosen for an exhibition which will take place at the prestigious Bastille Design Centre  in Paris on the 10, 11 and 12 January 2013.

If you know any artists who would like to exhibit their work in this exhibition, while  supporting AMTM, please share this LINK.



Il Divo Fans and Sébastien have once again united, while attending the group’s concert in Turkey on the 27 September last, by collecting almost €500 in donations from all over the world!


A technical problem caused a slight delay in dealing with direct debits made in October. These were debited on the 19 October instead of on the 10th.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this delay.

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An effective way of supporting AMTM!

Alvarum is an online network which can turn each one of us into a collector of donations for humanitarian work.

There are loads of activities through which we can, on a personal level, unite those closest to us, our family, our friends, our colleagues, and in so doing support the actions of AMTM.

A wonderful example: Is the ‘NépaGazelles’, a group of girl friends who are taking part in a running race in Nepal between the 26 October and the 6 November.  One of them, Patricia Witvoet, created a collection page on Alvarum in a few minutes and linked it to AMTM.

And that’s it!  The Gazelles have since spread the information in an energetic manner to their circle of acquaintances and respective friends and have raised, in a few days, almost €8,000 on behalf of AMTM!

Your initiative may be personal, but you can also have a campaign and create a team around you, which will certainly increase the results…

Also, all sporting events in which you participate can become an opportunity to act for a cause:  the "20km Paris racing", or the "London to Paris" by bike, which Jo Barrass recently completed, thanks to the site Charity Giving, the English equivalent of Alvarum.

It may also be a trip abroad, a birthday, a marriage or even in memory of someone close to you who has passed away (an example)...

... briefly, any event at which your friends would like to support you, as much out of interest in the cause as for pleasing you and being alongside you in that moment, that effort, that adventure...

So, think about it!
For questions, or advice on how to use Alvarum or Charity Giving, don’t hesitate, write to us at:


From 25 Oct. to 9 Nov. 2012

A team of 12 people will be in Nepal between the 25 October and 9 November 2012, and will be operational in 10 sites in the Kathmandu Valley.
Follow the team, day by day, via the photos transmitted daily in the AMTM Photos Gallery.
Without donations the planned Medical and Humanitarian Aid cannot be administered.
Help us to help them!

Make a donation online.


Jacques passed away on the 5 October.  He had been an active member since the beginning of AMTM in 1992.  Every Wednesday he would join the accounts team at our Head Office in Nanterre.
He was part of a very discreet group, but during all those years, without waivering, he gave his time, his skills, his kindness and good humour.
On behalf of all the team:  Thank you Jacques, our friendly thoughts are with you!


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