AMTM Newsletter No 33 - September 2012


From 25 Oct. to 9 Nov. 2012

A team of 12 people will be in Nepal from the 25 October to the 9 November 2012 and will be working at 10 sites in the Valley of Kathmandu.
You can follow the team day by day via the photos sent to us daily in the AMTM Photo Gallery.
Without donations, the planned medical and humanitarian aid cannot be carried out.
On their behalf thank you!
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Jo Barrass rides for AMTM !

Always imaginative and full of energy, Jo Barrass-Short put on an AMTM tee-shirt and covered the 500kms which separate London from Paris by bike.
After 4 days of exertion, Jo was greeted by Laurent Charbonnier and some Il Divo Fans on her arrival at the Eiffel Tower on Saturday 22 September.
Her attempt, relayed by the website ‘Charity Giving’, raised 1,000€ in donations!

Thanks Jo, … and have a good rest!!

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Your help reaches…the summits!

A mission to the region of Himachal Pradesh, in North-West India, is first and foremost an expedition.
After the long flight from Paris to Delhi, it requires a difficult 4 day journey in a 4-by-4 to reach the village of Kungri in the Pin Valley.
This year, from the 30 July to the 24 August, Nathalie Jauffret, who is responsible for Aid and Development at AMTM, also took charge of the sponsorships for this mission, and along with Dr Bernard Astolfe, who is representing the medical sector, met Tara Lama for the first time since the departure of the previous manager of this sector.

The Spiti Region

After a detour to Manali and Mandi, for the sole purpose of picking up the medicines intended for this mission, the team continued onwards to the north of the Spiti Region.
After several tens of kilometres on winding, congested roads, in fog, they then had to confront the Rohtang Pass (at 3,900m) which is extremely difficult and dangerous and is only open for 2 or 3 months per year.  This explains why this mission could only take place between the end of July and August.  The Kunzun Pass at 4,550m is in comparison a picnic, even if at this altitude they start to feel the effects of mountain sickness, extreme fatigue and headaches.

The team spent 9 days at the Sanag Chöling Monastery and in the surrounding villages.  Bernard gave 101 consultations. A few serious pathologies have been noted.  Nathalie met all the sponsored people, spoke to them and handed over the funds and letters from their sponsors.

Rewalsar Lake

The Village of Rewalsar (Tso Pema in Tibetan), which lies nestled between mountains, a lake and forests, is a Holy Place, as much for Buddhists as Hindus and Sikhs.  Furthermore, the Dalai Lama paid a visit here last March.
The lake, around which the village has been built, appeared in the 8th Century at the precise spot where the wise man Padmasambhava would have been reincarnated before leaving for Tibet to spread the word about Buddhism.

There, accompanied by Ani Choe Lamo, one of the nuns who live in the caves around the lake, the team also noted just how vital your sponsorships are for all these people, nuns as well as independents.
All of them say, “Thank you!”


It is with regret that we must announce the death of Mr Dorje Namgyal, the principal and founder of the Buddha Academy Boarding School in Kathmandu.
We all have a special thought filled with emotion for his family, the school team and the many children whom he has helped.

Since 1992, he has been, for all of us, the perfect example of generosity, tenacity and intelligence…

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