AMTM Newsletter No 32 - July/August 2012


and International Sponsorships

The French National Audit Office has released its report on ‘International  Sponsorships’, which is a report on organisations receiving donations.
AMTM was among the 14 associations audited.

This meticulous audit is the best guarantee of our trustworthiness and transparency, and you will gain a lot from reading the detailed work of the National Audit Office (148 pages).
AMTM is cited several times as a fine example.

You can visit the website of the French National Audit Office
or download the report directly (as a PDF document - in French).


€16,000 for the Water & Energy Project!

Thanks to one of the sponsors of our Association, who took our file to the Foundation of her company, the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca, AMTM has been offered a grant of €16,000
for the ‘Water & Energy’ Programme, of which several amounts will be put to use immediately.
Thank you Nathalie and the AstraZeneca Fondation!

While taking into account this grant and the donations already received for the ‘Water & Energy’ programme, €20,300 are still needed.
Play a part in this important project, which will allow us to improve radically the living conditions and hygiene for hundreds of people in Nepal and India, by making a donation online.
On their behalf, thank you!


An AMTM Team in Rewalsar and Spiti

From the 30 July to the 28 August this year, Nathalie Jauffret, who is responsible for the AMTM Development Aid sector, along with Dr. Bernard Astolfe, will go to the regions of Rewalsar and Spiti in the Pin Valley, in North-West India,

On their programme : meetings with the sponsored people and the people responsible for the sites which AMTM supports, medical follow-up and monitoring the state of the premises at the building site of the health centre, which is not far from the Kungri Monastery.


The AMTM Offices will be closed during the month of August…
In an emergency, please write to Your message will be attended to as soon as possible or forwarded to the person concerned.
We wish you all a wonderful summer!

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An appraisal of our activities in 2011

During 2011, our 4,100 members generously supported us financially
(apart from the balance carried forward) to the tune of €576,335.
That is an increase of +1.4% compared to the previous year.
This result is very satisfying given the current economic situation, and few associations can be as satisfied…

The significant change is the huge increase in subscriptions (+228%) generated by the creation of the 200 Club.  It is the outstanding event of the year and this success has been most encouraging for the whole team.  Indeed, the Club was set up to guarantee part of the finances at the heart of AMTM on a regular basis, namely the missions to Nepal and India and the necessary preparatory work for these at Head Office.  The AGM of AMTM proposed, then voted, to change the name of the 200 Club to the 200+Club, and decided that the number of club members will not be limited to 200, thus not stopping a wonderful initiative, and in particular to offset the drop in donations since 2010.
In 2011 the figure dropped to -19%.

On the whole the other sectors are stable.

This ardent support has allowed us to attain once again our two main aims for the year:
-To maintain, indeed to develop our actions, in spite of the crisis, and without depleting our
reserve funds.
-To improve the coverage of our fixed expenses (missions to Nepal and India, Head Office).
Our achievements in the field, to which we allocate more than ¾ of our funds, bear witness to this quality.
Whatever our action, maintaining this ratio is a priority.  Indeed, it is the most obvious sign of good management for an association.

Nevertheless, it is true that as long as the world economic climate remains sluggish, it is your mobilization alone which can make all the difference…Thank you all for your support and your trust over the past 20 years.

Laurent Charbonnier

AMTM Reports (President, Treasurer and Auditor) can be downloaded here.



Supplying 6 villages around Suruk

We spoke about this project in our last Newsletter, after a meeting with the Cluny Sisters in Paris.
It is a project which one of our volunteers, Martine Cartigny has been working on up until it saw the light of day at the beginning of 2011, thanks to our partnership with the HAMAP Association and the financial support from the Agence de l'Eau Rhin-Meuse.
It involves finding the source of the water in the mountain, and bringing it back through 11kms of pipeline to the tanks which will supply 6 villages in the area around Suruk, in the Indian part of Bengal.
From the first prospecting to the last pipe laid through mountain and forest, the Cluny Sisters, as only they know how, managed the building site, the planning and the budget with firmness and efficiency.
The first tanks have been installed, and soon not only the 6 villages, but also hundreds of inhabitants in the region will be able to benefit from pure, controlled water throughout the year.


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