AMTM Newsletter No 31 - June 2012


An effective partnership

This water-supply project for 6 villages in India is becoming a reality, thanks to the partnership between AMTM and the Sisters of Cluny over many years, the HAMAP association and the financial support of the 'Agence de l'Eau Rhin-Meuse'.
To date, the € 40,000 for this project have almost all been released.
On 21 June last, the visit of the Sisters of Cluny to their congregation in Paris was for a get together and a sharing of ideas between Sister Theresa, Claire and Irvina from the HAMAP Association, and Martine, Laurent and Marc from AMTM.


Not a month goes by without new initiatives being launched by Il Divo Fans around the world:
- in England, Jo Barrass-Short is doing a sponsored cycle from ‘London-Paris’ by pedaling hard HERE .
- in Austria, the ‘Michi Twins’ have launched a special operation to mark 20 years of AMTM on their website.
- in Turkey, Muge is preparing for the arrival of the group in her country next September and is organizing a raffle in support of AMTM.
- in France, our Fan Club is still up and running with the recent sale of greetings cards and various items, which are both pretty and practical, for the benefit of AMTM.


Since 2009, Mr Daniel Gouilly, Principal of the Sixth Form College ‘Notre Dame de la Providence’, at Enghien, has rallied all his students into renewed action and reflection in support for humanitarian aid, and specifically on behalf of AMTM.
This year, the Year 11 students organized a great Charity Fête Day with entertainment, videos, meals and sales of objects; a day which yielded a total of almost € 2,400 to be allocated to future missions, and especially to the Sisters of Cluny, in India, for the launch of a new programme of assistance and protection for children.

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For continuous action

The development of the local AMTM team in Kathmandu has long been a priority.
The challenge is to be even more effective on the spot, by maintaining our work throughout the year in between the missions of our volunteers from France.

Under the direction of Eric Russenberger and his wife Kunsang, this team is gradually being formed.
First with Tseten, a young Nepalese lady, who for a long time has participated in the missions alongside our pharmacist, Nadine Arcis, and to whom the responsibility for the Pharmacy at the AMTM House has been entrusted.
Then by recruiting Sudarshan, an engineer who studied at the Buddha Academy, who now oversees all technical matters as well as monitoring the ‘Water & Energy’ project.

Finally, Parmila who recently joined the team as a nurse. She has replaced Pema, who had to return to her family in her village.
Thus, our three areas: Medical Assistance, Development Aid and Sponsorships (managed by Eric and Kunsang) are now represented and active through the team at the AMTM House, our local office in Kathmandu.


Works has commenced...

Until now, the Jangsa Monastery in the town of Kalimpong, in North-East India, had no room in which its 80 residents could eat.
And its kitchen (photo below), in an unsafe and dilapidated building, was far from meeting all the hygiene rules...

A request to construct a building, housing a kitchen and dining room, was presented to the Association in 2011. Thanks to AMTM’s donors and the Talents & Partage Association, which has helped us once again by supporting this project to the tune of €9,000, the building work has been launched.

More news about this wonderful achievement in our next Newsletters!




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