AMTM Newsletter No 30 - May 2012


Raffle organised by Jo Barrass

Jo Barrass Short is always full of energy and ideas for helping AMTM.  Her latest one being: to organise a raffle for which the prize is a hat, which she had signed by our Patron Sébastien Izambard and the three other members of Il Divo.  The money raised, which is £700 (about €865), will be handed over to AMTM. To view the raffle, CLICK HERE.
Congratulations and thank you Jo!



Here is Canon GP335, AMTM’s venerable photocopier, which already had a real career behind it when Qatar Airways donated it to our Association in 2007.    Well today, with almost 320,000 copies on its counter, it needs replacing.

So, if you are aware of a possibility which would allow AMTM to renew its photocopying and printing equipment, don’t hesitate, call us or write to



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An AMTM Team in Spiti (India) in August 2012

In our Newsletter of last December, after the departure of the manager for this sector, we wrote about the action of Tara Lama, which enabled us to guarantee the management of the sponsorships at the sites which AMTM supports in North-West India, in Rewalsar and the Spiti Valley.

However, it was also necessary for us to reactivate the other two complementary axes which are Medical Assistance and Development Aid.

This will be the brief of Nathalie Jauffret and Doctor Bernard Astolfe, who will be present on the spot from the 30 July to 24 August 2012…
Their targets: to re-establish contact with the site managers, to compile a report of the sites as much for the medical follow-up as for the  infrastructure needs, such as access to water, hygiene education etc.
In particular, the intention is to prepare for the opening of the Medical Centre at Spiti, which was financed by AMTM, the main structure of which is finished, but we still have to finalise the equipment and organise its medical team.
This multipurpose medical structure will benefit thousands of people in this remote region.


For more autonomy and efficiency

AMTM financed the purchase of a scooter for the AMTM House in Kathmandu.
Here is a photo of Kunzang, who is in training, watched by her young daughter, Yangchen.

This acquisition was necessary because of the increasing difficulty of getting around in the Kathmandu Valley. Public transport is under-developed, taxis are becoming more and more expensive, and only operate in certain sectors and at certain times…
So, it was vital to supply Kunzang with an independent means of economical transport to enable her to carry out her work at the 13 sites supported by AMTM in the Kathmandu Valley.

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