AMTM Newsletter No 29 - March/April 2012


From 14 to 28 avril 2012

A team of 5 AMTM volunteers has been in the north of India since April 14.
See their photos sent directly from the spot in the AMTM Photo Gallery.



€ 3,000 thanks to Sébastien!

On the occasion of the Il Divo concert in London on the 17 and 18 April last, 2 ‘VIP seats’ and a private ‘Meet and Greet’ with Sébastien were auctioned on Ebay on behalf of AMTM.

Inge, a young Belgian Fan of Il Divo, won the auction to experience an exceptional evening, while helping our little protégées at the same time.
A huge thank you to both Inge and Sébastien!

During the concert, the fans from the ‘French Team’….and AMTM were thrilled!,
because  Sébastien wrapped himself up in the Club flag, which is also, as can be seen clearly, a fervent supporter of AMTM!
Well done Florence, Christine, Laurence, Addy, Lisa and the whole team!

Watch the video on YouTube!



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According to the Nepalese Central Bureau for Statistics

In 2011, the Nepalese population rose to 26.6 million inhabitants.  This figure is surprising as the projected figure pointed more towards 30 million.
The difference is due in part to the conflict of 1996 – 2006, but especially to the huge impact of emigration, 20% of the population at least!
This population has moved geographically towards the Terai Plain, which now accounts for 50.15% of the total population, and towards the Valley of Kathmandu where AMTM carries out its actions, and where the population has increased by 61% to reach 2.5 million inhabitants.

The Nepalese certainly have a better life than they did 15 years ago.  One must emphasize the increase in the number of homes with electricity (from 14 to 70%) and clean water (from 70 to 83%).  Moreover, the percentage of children below the age of six years who can read and write has shot up from 38 to 61%.
The average income of the poorest has increased, even when taking inflation into account.
Yet, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in Asia,
The Nepalese economy is highly dependent on its trade with India; almost two thirds of Nepalese goods and services go to India.   The country depends on international aid for the essentials and the transfer of funds from ex-pat workers.

Apart from these official figures, AMTM can only notice, mission after mission, the harsh reality in the locality, the huge precariousness from which men, women and children suffer, and to continue its actions, thanks to the energy of its members and volunteers… but especially thanks to you!



Prevention as soon as possible.

This year the mission to Nepal was joined by a dentist, on an experimental basis, to make an assessment of the state of the dental health at three of our sites.
According to her, it is really vital to insist on dental hygiene and prevention from the age of 6 years.  As the Nepalese and Himalayan populations have good teeth genetically, and as the children are, without doubt, not as spoiled as the Europeans with sweets, prevention measures would be sufficient to obtain the best results.
That is why we are adding this to our hygiene lessons which are taught in most of our sites, especially with the help of our posters ‘Brushing Teeth’.

Caroline, dental surgeon, treating a pupil
at the Buddha Academy Boarding School

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