AMTM Newsletter No 28 - February 2012


From 15 to 31 March 2012

The departure date for our team is approaching!
12 volunteers will visit 10 of our sites in the Valley of Kathmandu.  As usual, you will be able to follow their activities via the photos posted each evening on the AMTM Photos Gallery.

The budget for this mission is far from being finalised.
Without your generosity, we cannot be active out in the field, make a donation on-line!

On their behalf, thanks!


7 artists exhibited on behalf of AMTM

A superb evening’s private viewing at the Centre Culturel Christiane Peugeot – Atelier Z,  which was graciously put at our disposal by Madame Christiane Peugeot (2nd on the left below).
Almost €2,500  have been handed over to AMTM!
CLICK HERE to see the photos of this exhibition.


AMTM is mentioned in the ‘Wicked Game’ CD

Once again,  Sébastien has not forgotten AMTM in the acknowledgements on the group’s latest album, "Wicked Game".
"Thanks AMTM for the continuous support for people in real need".
Thank you, Sébastien!


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First stage starts in Nepal in March 2012

As a result of our appeal for donations for the 'Water and Energy' project, the funds collected are today enabling us to begin the first installations at the Palyul School in Nepal!

This school, not far from Pharping, and an hour’s drive South-West of Kathmandu, is not linked up to the public water, due to its isolated position. The nearby streams are dry for 8 months of the year!  And the few tanks it has do not provide enough water for it to be self sufficient for its 270 residents, the majority of whom are children.
For two years AMTM has been financing the supply of bottled water to guarantee the minimum of drinking water for the children.

This project involves the installation of a 20,000 litres tank underground, with all its pipe-work, filters and pumps, as well as solar panels for hot water.
Jean-Pierre Martin, who is in charge of this programme, will be at these premises from the start of the March 2012 Mission, and will give the green light for the work to commence; the total cost of this being €13,500.

Thanks to you, this programme will eventually allow all the sites, which AMTM supports, to benefit from a plentiful supply of clean water.

To play your part in this important programme, make a donation on-line (and tick the box "Water & Energy Campaign") and thus help AMTM to carry out its actions at all the sites affected in Nepal and India.



At the Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Institute

In the Newsletter of last October, we announced the launch of the work which was to provide a second floor to a building in the school at Sundarijal, North-East of Kathmandu.

The construction of the ground floor of this building had been financed by AMTM in 2005, and since that time the school has been waiting to be able to complete it and thus increase its ability to receive pupils and teachers.

Today it’s finished. The work was completed thanks to the sponsors of this project: le Conseil Régional of the Île de France (€10,000); the association Talents et Partage (€7,639), and TalentSoft (€5,000). From now on, 8 new pupils and 2 teachers will benefit from better living conditions.


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