AMTM Newsletter No 27 - January 2012


Greetings from our President

A huge thanks to all of you for your commitment to AMTM.
Each sponsor, each donor, each member and each partner is precious to the organisation for our medical and humanitarian aid missions in Nepal and India.

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to maintain all our actions.  It is a huge success at this decidedly grim time economically.

Thank you, on behalf of the thousands of people whom we have been treating, helping and sponsoring every year for… 20 years!
AMTM was officially founded on the 27 February 1992.  It is a magnificent milestone which we are all going to celebrate together.

I wish you all an excellent year in 2012!

Laurent Charbonnier


The CD "AMTM Collector Vol. 2" is there!

The second compilation album of music produced by Jean-Alain Roussel, along with a whole host of artists who rallied round him, came out just in time for the AMTM Fair. (Click here to discover The Making Of...).

Thank you, Jean, for this eclectic and talented production!
This is another way of helping AMTM actions in Nepal and India….

Buy the CD "HeArtistes for AMTM" from our online shop.

All proceeds from the sale of the CD are going to AMTM.




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An update on the situation in this country

Eric Russenberger, our permanent representative in Kathmandu, regularly sends us news of the sites supported by the association to the AMTM Head Office in Nanterre.  And, thanks to him, we are also continually updated about the situation in the country.

Just a few days ago, his messages and photos reminded us that all nations do not cross over the threshold into a new year in the same way…

2012 and the years to come will throw up numerous challenges for Nepal to overcome and get back on its feet, for the economic situation today is disastrous.

After years of civil war and political instability, the government’s infrastructures are almost non existent.  The state can scarcely maintain the running of the rare hydro-electric dams, which have not been destroyed by the latest monsoons.  In the capital, power cuts are lasting longer and longer.

There are daily strikes.  Supplying petrol in Nepal is be coming more and more uncertain, and regularly paralyses the transport in the whole country. The situation is the same for gas when winter arrives.  In Nepalese houses the average temperature can drop to 5°C, its lowest for winter.  The cost of some items of food has more than doubled in 2 years.  And to top it all, Nepal, as for all the Himalayas, is a region of high seismic activity, and each earthquake, which happens frequently, destroys the efforts of those who only have 4 rooms and a straw roof.

It is for all these reasons that Nepal remains, along with Bangladesh, the poorest country in the whole of Asia.
And it is for these reasons that your help is so precious, in order that AMTM can continue to bring hope and better living conditions to the most disadvantaged.



Jo Barrass : a fine exemple!

We have already spoken about this fan of our Patron Sébastien Izambard and Il Divo, and of her many activities on behalf of AMTM.

Indeed Jo Barrass Short has already taken part in a cycle race sporting AMTM’s colours and has organised several collections and other charity events in Germany and England.

Last November, we had the pleasure of a visit from her during her stay in Paris, and especially as she handed over a donation of 3,520€ to AMTM!

Jo is not short of ideas for how to carry on working on behalf of our little protégées, and she is already in training for her next cycle race!

Thanks, Jo!

Virginie Condette, Deputy Director for Communications, Joanne Barrass Short and Laurent Charbonnier, President of AMTM


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