AMTM Newsletter No26 - December 2011


A huge success!

A big thank you to all of you who were ‘present’ at this beautiful day of social interaction and sharing for the benefit of our protegees in Nepal and India, and especially the many volunteers who made this possible.

We mustn’t forget the Fénnix Company who provided a superb buffet for over 400 people in the sumptuous room lent by UNESCO, and also Air France for the top prize in our raffle!


The CD ‘AMTM Collector Volume 2’ is out! 

The second compilation of music, produced by Jean-Alain Roussel and a whole host of artists who rallied round him, is ready just in time for the AMTM Fair.
Thank you Jean for this eclectic and talented production!

This is another way of helping AMTM’s actions in Nepal and India...

You can find the CD ‘HeArtistes for AMTM’ at our online shop.

All the proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to AMTM.


Think of the AMTM Shop!

The 2012 Calendar, greetings cards and lots of items to make someone happy and at the same time supporting AMTM in a practical way to continue its actions in the field.


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Consultations are starting up again!

Having just learned that Dr Min was leaving Nepal we were fortunate to see Doctor Kunzang Dolma returning to the AMTM House.
The Nepalese practitioner has gained her qualification in gynaecology in China.  She is now working at the Patan Hospital as well as the Shechen Clinic, where she hopes to expand the service.  Her specialism is going to help a lot of women in Nepal.  Despite her responsibilities she has agreed to come back and maintain the free medical consultations provided at the AMTM House.  We thank her for her loyalty!

Dr K. Dolma vaccinating a child at the Samye School.


More than a journey, an expedition!

After more than twenty active years working for the association, the person responsible for the sites, which AMTM supports in N.W. India in Rewalsar and the Spiti Valley, has decided to retire.  So we have had to put another system in place.  It was while we were thinking about Tara Lama, whom we have known for a long time already that the ideal solution came to us.  Tara spends several months during winter in Kathmandu.  Then when the weather is warmer and the roads become passable again she returns to the Pin Valley where her husband Spiti Tulku is the Lama in charge of the Sanag Chőling Monastery.  The site is only accessible for 1 or 2 months a year, during summer.   Tara Lama, who is very aware that all the AMTM sponsorships allow this community to survive, has agreed to undertake this vital task for the villages in the Pin Valley.

From Kathmandu in Nepal Tara went to Mandi, in the state of Himachal Pradesh in N.W. India, to collect the medicines which we had ordered from a local wholesaler. Then, after a stopover at Manali, Tara took the northern road in the Pin Valley to Spiti.  To do that, she had to negotiate the Col of the Rohtang Pass, which is at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres.  That is how Tara arrived, in the middle of July, at the Sanag Chőling Monastery (village of Kungri) to spend a month there during the summer.  There, she was able to see all sponsored persons.  As she knows the whole community of Spiti and the inhabitants of the villages, it was very easy for Tara to pass on to us their news in detail.
Then, at the end of summer, back on the road to return to Kathmandu, Tara stopped at the village of Rewalsar, where she spent several days.

Tara was surprised to discover that AMTM was helping so many different types of people. She is Tibetan and she has been very touched to be able to exchange dialogue with these isolated people, who are often of Tibetan origin.

She thanked us warmly for having trusted her, and more than ever wants to help us, for in so doing she is helping her own people directly.



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