AMTM Newsletter No25 - November 2011


On the 4 December UNESCO welcomes AMTM for its annual fair

Bring your friends with you!
Buffet, Tombola, band and a warm/convivial atmosphere…
We are waiting to show you a film of our missions.
You will be able to meet the  Association’s volunteers and ask any question you like at the AMTM Stall.
The children will be filled with wonder when Father Christmas appears !
A variety of stalls will allow the grown-ups to do their Xmas Shopping.

UNESCO : 7, place Fontenoy, 75007 Paris

Metro Cambronne.



4 160 € for the children of Nepal and India!

On the 29 and 30 June last, Lara Fabian perfomed in the musical comedy “1939” at the Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris.
The total sum of the profits from the 3 shows, which comes to 4,160€, has been donated to AMTM .
Once again, thank you Lara, and thank you to all of the  cast of “1939”!


on "Radio Enghien"

After her Piano Recital, which she gave on behalf of AMTM at the Salle Cortot in Paris, Jasmina was invited on the show  “En direct avec vous”  (“Live with you”) on Radio Enghien on the 28 October last and she didn’t forget to mention her commitment to the Association.

Listen to an excerpt from this show by clicking HERE.

And you can also find the CD of her recital, which was made during her performance, on sale at the AMTM Shop.


Thanks again Jasmina!



The AMTM calendar is arrived!

Still with its superb photos, but in a new format.  Treat yourself, or buy it for your friends and support AMTM at the same time!
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A period of traditional celebrations

This year the country was calm, no strikes, electricity cuts or curfew.
After the abolition of the monarchy, a government was formed and apparently that seems to suit the majority of people…
This year the mission enjoyed a very festive environment.
First, there was the festival of Dashain, which celebrates the Supreme Goddess Durga, who wipes out the forces of evil.  For the Hindus in Nepal, Darshain is synonymous with family gatherings, small gifts, and kites…each house is decorated, fireworks are let off in all the streets and the children go from house to house gathering sweets… It is a mixture of Xmas for the decorations and Halloween for the sweets.

Then it’s Tihar, which is the most sparkling festival of the Nepalese year.  This festival is celebrated over five days beginning on  the 13th day of the last quarter of the moon in October.  They celebrate the Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.  She is the wife of the Lord/God Vishnu.  She came out of the ocean and owns the wealth in the seas.  Tihar is the festival of life and prosperity.

It was in this joyous atmosphere that we carried out our planned tour of the 8 sites for this mission, with a team of 13 people and our two local managers Eric and Kunsang.

Tihar, during which the children light up the route of the Gods to the houses, so that they will bring some wealth...


Life continues after the move

For the children of this school, the time has long gone where the traffic and pollution were part of their daily routine.  Indeed the new site for their school is much more pleasant.  It is situated in the suburbs of Kathmandu  and is surrounded by fields and mountains.  The children are happy in their new school.  One notices that immediately.  They are very happy, chatty children, in a word happy to be alive.

The building
:  there is a building for the boys, a central building for classrooms and at the other end is a building for the younger boys on the ground floor and the girls on the first floor.
The children play in two playgrounds, in which there are also a henhouse and flowerbeds with aromatic plants and flowers.  The kitchen and dining room are very different from the old ones.  The cook, instead of having to move around can now be assisted by the older pupils, who take turns to  help prepare the meals.

Daily life:  What an improvement in their diet!  Three meals a day plus a “4 o’clock tea break”, meat on Sundays and eggs three times a week.  The hygiene lessons are having an effect thanks to the posters displayed on the walls by our teams.  The ‘captains’, chosen from the older pupils, take turns to explain all the rules to the younger pupils for whom they are responsible.  The results are convincing, no more skin or intestinal problems.

The classes:  They range from the Nursery class to Class 10, which is the same as our 3e Classe (in France).
-a Biology Lab., well equipped with everything it needs to facilitate good work.
-an I.T. Room with 20 computers, but no internet connection.
-a Library.
-a room for Music and Dance.
-a Games Room for the youngest pupils.

The level of studies is very good!
We participated in a Geo-political class which was given by a pupil from Class 10 which staggered us.

The children are managed better than in their old school.
The atmosphere remains like a family, every one listens to the children and is  aware of the problems that young adolescents may encounter.  That is evident in their behaviour.

The children of Snowland Ranag School in their new classroom


A beautiful evening thanks to Céline Ferreira!

Until her trip to Bali in 2009, Céline Ferreira was full of questions, as much about her personal journey as the purpose for her painting/her reason(s) for painting.
In Bali Céline decided to devote her painting to help children and their education.
Exhibiting on behalf of AMTM allows this wish to materialise and she is delighted about that!

700€ were collected for AMTM’s little protegees.

Advice for those unable to attend her exhibition on the 15 November at the Forum 104: Céline is also going to exhibit her canvasses at UNESCO at AMTM’s Annual Fair!

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