AMTM Newsletter No 24 - October 2011


They need your help!

Between the forthcoming 20 October and the 5 November, a team of 13 volunteers will be going on a mission to Nepal, in the Valley of Kathmandu.

With just a few days to go before their departure the budget is far from being complete!

Medicines, water, clothes, rent for the AMTM House, salaries for the local team are vital…
Each donation, regardless of the amount, is so precious.
Thank you for helping us to help them at this time, which is not easy for anyone…

On their behalf, thanks!

Laurent  Charbonnier




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The joy to meet up again!

The Mission took place during the month of April 2011. The climatic conditions were pleasant.  It was the beautiful season and the region of Kalimpong was in full bloom.
The Team were delighted to meet up with the monks from the Zangdhok Palri Monastery.
This year emotions are still palpable, with their impressions of the event of the year, which was the visit by the Dalai Lama. Of course he only spent a very short time in this place, but the monks will remember this for the rest of their lives!
Some had already seen him at their large gatherings, but had never been so close to him.  They all spoke to us of their feelings when he took the two old Lamas in his arms.
This short visit attracted almost 4,000 people, who had come from all over the region, indeed even from afar.

Our Team spent 3 days at Zangdhok Palri, during which time they took the measurements of the height and weight of the monks, gave 82 medical consultations, and 19 vaccinations against Hepatitis B.
For the first time this year the salary for the English Teacher was taken care of through a donation for operational costs, which has recently been set up by AMTM.
The donation for operational costs consists of finding one or several regular donors to finance a particular post at the sites which we help, and thus AMTM avoids having to look for recurrent financing each year.



Still a taboo subject in India

2% of people might be infected in the Kalimpong region. For most of them it would generally have been sexually transmitted or jointly linked to drug taking.  Alas, this figure is constantly increasing.  The Sisters of Cluny have been pioneers in managing patients with AIDS in this region, where the subject was totally taboo.

They aroused awareness and moved the political parties in the region, who have begun to grasp the extent of the problem.
At their behest, the local people in charge started the specialist care at Kalimpong Hospital and now pay for a Counsellor who specialises in AIDS who also visits the AIDS House, at the Sisters’ Convent.

Sister Lucie, a nurse who works in this house from early morning until very late in the evening, 7 days out of 7, is exhausted and her working conditions are particularly difficult psychologically.

The AMTM Team have decided to allocate 100€, which is 3 months salary for a temporary nurse who will relieve her.  We are looking for sponsors who would agree to take charge of this salary in the future through the donation for operational costs method.


The final stage of the building work is well under way

Lucie Bouquet, who is responsible for the Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Institute (at Sundarijal in Nepal), met the head of the school, on the 4 September last, while he was stopping over in PARIS.
At this meeting she was able to hand the remaining 9,000€ over to him personally, from the funds allocated to the completion of a upper floor of a building at the school, which will afford him the increased capacity to take in more pupils and teachers.
This project, at a total cost of 25,600€, has been financed thanks to The Regional Council of the  Ile de France, the TalentSoft Company and the association Talents et Partage.
Thank you to all our sponsors!

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