Newsletter No 9 - November/December 2009


On the 6th December, l’UNESCO welcomes AMTM for its annual fair

Bring your friends !
A buffet, a band and a congenial atmosphere…..
We are waiting to show you a film of our missions.
You will be able to meet the Association’s volunteers and ask all your questions at the AMTM stand.  The children will be overcome with wonder when Father Xmas appears!
The various stands will entice the grown ups to do their Xmas shopping.

UNESCO : 7, place Fontenoy, 75007 Paris - France
Metro Cambronne.
Entrance: 22 € per adult, 9 € for children aged 6 to 14 years, tiny children are our guests!


"N'oubliez pas les paroles !" FOR AMTM

France 2 chanel, on the 1st January 2010

Lara Fabian has volunteered to participate in the recording of the show ‘N’oubliez pas les paroles!’ on the 8th December on behalf of AMTM – a special partnership presented by Nagui on France 2 with a potential prize of up to €100,000!
The show will go out on the 1st January 2010 at 20h35.

A huge thank you to Lara........and a special ‘Good luck’!


4 T-shirts signed by Sébastien Izambard, and a 5th signed by all four members of Il Divo

All are collectors’ items, on sale on EBAY until the 5th December 2009.
A WONDERFUL souvenir for the group’s fans and a beautiful Xmas present!



New items on sale in the AMTM Shop

No time for shopping?
Visit the AMTM SHOP where ideas for gifts at a reasonable price are waiting for you.

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From whom one can change a life...

AMTM has just launched its SURGICAL CAMPAIGN.
Our President, Laurent Charbonnier, explains why:
“For some years we have been confronted with requests for surgical operations, sometimes they are urgent such as heart and kidney operations.  Without the operation the patient will die.  The cost of saving a life is very high, around 1,000€ for a heart operation.   For them it is mostly an impossibility; for us it is conceivable.
Besides it’s our partners The Sisters of Cluny who requested our help with their annual campaigns, which they organize around different medical conditions, heart operations, burns etc.
For all these reasons we have decided to create a SURGICAL FUND in order to respond to these growing, vital requests.
I thank you in anticipation of your support...



13 people met up at Roissy Airport on the 22nd October en route for Kathmandu.
From the start each member of the group switched off from their daily existence and became a “coherent group”
On the spot it is always a huge pleasure to meet up again with the team of translators and our representatives Eric, Kunzang and Tseten.
Both the flexible and natural way in which the mission progresses are possible thanks to their preparation and knowledge of the area, without forgetting, naturally, the huge input from our Head Office.
So the days spent there are less tiring with more attention given to everything we are confronted with.

The Medical Team of four doctors and one nurse were pleased to welcome a new member: Dr. Pierrick Fostier.  Over 900 consultations were carried out.
In order to help their development the height and weight of everyone was monitored, and the buildings and needs of each site were studied.  Thus, 1,200€ have been allocated to the repairs for Snowland Ranag School, 1,300€ to allow work to commence on the new kitchen at Palyul, 520€ for mattresses at Palyul...

The Sponsorship Team is going to give more than 91,000€ to the sponsored people, hand over correspondence and bring back news from each one of them.



Struggle against Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B

During our last mission to Nepal, our Medical Team raised the matter of the condition of the children at Snowland Ranag School in Kathmandu.
First of all the vaccination programme against Hepatitis B was carried out.  The doctors noted elsewhere in this school the appearance of Tuberculosis and skin problems.

These illnesses indicate difficult living conditions due to over crowding in the dormitories and precarious personal hygiene.  A screening of all the children was requested and a nurse was employed to visit every day to hand out anti-tuberculosis drugs for the TB-DOTS programme (Tuberculosis Directly Observed Short-course), provide dressings and help with hygiene care.
This team work will continue throughout the year for the children, aided by Tseten and Kunzang and available at all times.
2e injection anti-hépatite B par l'infirmière (au Centre), aidée de Kunzang (à droite)

2nd injection against Hepatitis B
administered on 27 November 2009 at the AMTM House in Kathmandu
by the nurse (centre) and Kunzang (on the right)

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