Newsletter n°8 - October 2009


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Again this year, thanks to the help of the Strategik & Numerik Company with the design and the magnificent photos of Daniel Collin, we are happy to present the AMTM Calendar for 2010.

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On the 8 and 9 October

Lara let AMTM put up our stand during her concerts at the Zénith in Paris.
So we were able to promote the Association’s activities to her fans.
This evening, when we had the pleasure of meeting Lara, raised €650.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

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on 26 September 2009

Lisa Tsang, friend and partner of AMTM (t-shirts, hats) invited Laurent and Virginie to Hong Kong to promote the Association to her colleagues and friends.  Lisa is very motivated and they worked on new projects…. soon to be unveiled!
This journey was planned to coincide with the IL DIVO concert.
Sébastien, who was pleased to meet Laurent and Virginie, guaranteed his friendship and support for AMTM!
The 4 members of the group IL DIVO signed 2 t-shirts for auction at a later date.

More photos, HERE


New for credit cards

As well as Cartes Bleues, Visa and Mastercard, American Express Credit Cards may now be used on our site for donations on-line, subscriptions or purchases from our shop.

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Building project at the Godawari Retirement Centre (South-East of Kathmandu in Nepal)

This year during the site visit we checked the quality of the building work which we had financed (toilets and shower). The quality of the work is good.
Then we were shown a plan for a kitchen, bathroom and outside toilet.  At the end of the mission the team decided to hand over €5,000 towards this project.

Help in supplying food at Od Sal Choling

We measure the height and weight of the children in each of our sites and we noted that in this school growth is as it should be/normal.  We questioned the people in charge who in formed us that the shopping for basic foods is done in Patan.  The Kalamati market in fact is too far away. The rest of the shopping for fresh produce, especially vegetables, takes place every 3 days from small local producers.  The cost of the food works out at €8.11 a month for each resident.
The budget being in order AMTM decided to selectively provide a donation of €2,000 for food.

Budget for improving hygiene at the Samye Memorial Institute

During their last visit the team noted that some of the younger people’s bedrooms were dirty, their clothes not washed or are not washed very often.
There are no beds only small mattresses and only one sheet. At the beginning the people in charge put in wooden bases, but they didn’t last very long due to the lively games of the young monks. As a result this costly investment was abandoned.
It was suggested and agreed that a cleaner be hired to wash the bed linen, clean the rooms of these youngsters and their classrooms.
The first donation of €300 towards this task was handed over.  A similar, regular donation is sufficient to finance this position rather than for a particular person.  The people in charge were very appreciative and grateful for this support and help

Financing a surgical procedure

Yumo, an elderly lady, needs an operation on her gall-bladder but is not able to pay for it as her sponsorship only began a month ago.
The cost of the operation €250 will be paid for from the medical budget and the involvement of members of our medical team.

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