Newsletter n°6 - June 2009


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This recording was undertaken at the request of AMTM to preserve the Tibetan Culture and to make it known, especially the Religious Music.

Religious or Popular, the music from ‘The Roof of the World’ is a little known force and has an amazing purity.

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Mission to Rewalsar & Spiti, India

-From Monday 29 June to Friday 9 August 2009
Number of participants: 1
Sites to visit:
- Monastery Ogyen Herukai Phodrang
- Grotto of Padmasambhava
- Independants
- Sanag Choling Monastery
- Independants
- Medical Centre building site

Mission to Nepal

From Thursday 22 October to Friday 6 November 2009
Number of participants: 12
Sites to visit:
- AMTM House + Independants
- Urgyen Do Ngak Choling
- Mangjughoksha
- Palyul
- Snowland Ranag School
- Children of Sagarmatha
- Pharping Independants


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Taken from the President’s and Treasurer’s Reports  (download here) which were presented at the AGM on the 14 June, and thanks to the generosity of our members, the Association’s income in 2008 came to 474,674€ (*).
62% of this figure comes from Sponsorships, 27% from Donations, 8% from Events and 3% from Subscriptions.
In 2008, 100€ were used for: 79.7% for Social Missions, 7.2% for Fundraising, 13.1% for Administration Costs.
Our main objective of assigning ¾ of our funds to our Social Missions has largely been attained.


(*) out of transfer of agreements from assigned income


Children Choir

Denis Hekimian, a musician and producer and a volunteer and active member since AMTM first began, suggested the CD “Children of Tibet” which includes traditional Tibetan songs.  These are performed with talent by the children of The Buddha Academy Children’s Home, a site which has been supported by AMTM since 1996.
The sale of this CD is on behalf of AMTM.

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and help us to manage our sponsorships more effectively

Since AMTM celebrated its 1,000th Sponsorship a few months ago, others have been added to the list and the total number of sponsorships managed by the Association has now reached 1,023.
During each mission the money is handed over directly to the adults and to the people in charge of our sites for the children.  During the missions in March and April, 22,400€ were given out in India and 86,000€ in Nepal.
The management and organisation of the Sponsorships are assigned to the Sponsorship Dept. at our Head Office in Nanterre.
Since the introduction of the automatic weekly payment scheme many sponsors have opted for this practical method of payment which avoids forgetfulness.

700 Sponsorships are now paid for by this method.  This guarantees good preparation for the missions and makes the management of the amounts to be handed over to the sponsored people much easier..

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