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Produced according to a traditional process from aromatic medicinal herbs and other precious ingredients.
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The Jangsa Monastery, between Tradition and Modernity

In 1998 when Laurent Roubach, who is in charge of the Jangsa Monastery School , in India, met Lama Kunzang, he was struck by his formidable personality.  Juggling both modernity and tradition, he took charge of the monastery in a dynamic way.  In the beginning he tried to make this site financially independent in order to meet the needs of the hundred monks living there.  He decided to create a workshop to make Tibetan Incense.
At the time, and without any hesitation, AMTM decided to support this project and help with the construction of the building.  Today, this site, considered as a ‘pilot’, is a fine example of development for the long term.
AMTM supervises 60 sponsorships here and annually visits the pupils from a medical point of view.

The fabulous story of the Jangsa incense

Near to the monastery lived an elderly Tibetan who was renowned in the surrounding areas for his knowledge of the basic ingredients.  It was a long way to walk to buy his sticks of incense, whose healing properties were widely known.
When he reached an age where he could no longer continue he gave his biggest secret, his recipe, to Lama Kunzang.  All the ingredients are natural, bark of a tree, spices such as cardamom, cloves, and sandalwood.

We mustn’t say anything more about it so the secret remains intact……


Whetne TESTA, President of the Venezuelan IL DIVO Fan Club, wants to help AMTM.

Each year, in Venezuela, fans from various clubs gather together with the aim of raising funds for charitable organisations.  Each Fan Club presents a charity which is dear to them as well as their artist patron.  Amongst others to be highlighted this year are Shakira, Chayanne and the group IL DIVO, who are well liked in South America.

Whetne kindly suggested to us that she will highlight the activities undertaken by our patron Sébastien Izambard through photographs, slide shows and short interviews.

This is a magnificent project and a wonderful South American window for our Association which is being exported farther away thanks to Sébastien and his fans who have a big heart!

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