Newsletter No 18 - March 2011


Our Photo Gallery displays all the moments shared by our Humanitarian Aid Team with the children, women and men of India and Nepal.

Discover all the photos of our current mission in Nepal..!


Scarcely will the mission to Nepal be over when another team departs for India, to the Kalimpong and Sikkim regions, from the 9 to 23 April 2011.

The Humanitarian Aid Team will visit the sites of:
-Zangdhok Palri
-Jangsa Dechen Choling
-The Sisters of Cluny
-Gongjang (Sikkim)
Do you sponsor someone at one of these sites?
Please send your letters BEFORE THE 5 APRIL to:
81 avenue du Maréchal Joffre
92000 Nanterre - FRANCE


A huge thank you to everyone for the clothes offered by:
- Coudémail, during their campaign "Together for the children of Nepal",

- thank you to Du Pareil au Même for the down anoraks,

- and to our knitting Grannies for the woollen jumpers, blankets…


You can contribute towards the well-being of the populations of Nepal and India through:
- sponsorships
- one-off payments

For French Tax Payers, all your donations can be deducted from your taxes.



Whetne, who runs the Venezuelan Il Divo Fan Club "Heroes"

Since I have had the privilege of getting to know the Association, thanks to Sébastien, I can identify with the work that they are achieving.
I teach deaf children and I understand the meaning of the expressions ‘lack of resources’ in every day life, lack of financial and physical resources...
I therefore decided to teach under privileged children  and  with all my strength to help the children in my country and those supported by AMTM in Nepal and India.  Not only myself but also a large number of members from the fan club which I represent.  And I am very happy about that.  I feel part of AMTM despite the distance and my heart rejoices to know that lots of children and elderly people are benefitting because when all is said and done they are the ones who count.  We want a better future for them.
I cannot find a better way of describing how important it is for me to support the Association.  If I can support this cause and do all that I can to change the life of one child so that his/her dreams become a reality, I won’t hesitate for a second to do so!

That is what AMTM means to me and all the members of the Venezuelan Il Divo Fan Club ‘Heroes’.



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"When you know that you are supported you can live and grow up in peace"

By choosing to sponsor someone in India and Nepal, we are all going further than merely donating money... together we are reaching out to humanity.

Donations of money are essential to offer support for food, clothes and health for the children and adults, and to allow our teams to carry out a mission.  But this money is only part of our exchange.

With AMTM, the sponsorship is seen in the relationship which we build up with our sponsored person.  Through photos we can send ourselves, letters and sharing which we can build on throughout the years.  Thus we survive on precious donations for every one of them, through a unique link between us and them!

At the Kunsang Choling Nunnery Sabine,
who is responsible for our sponsorships, with two new small girls
who would be delighted to have a sponsor.

For all sponsoring requests, click here


For almost 2 years now our President Laurent, along with Marc and Virginie and lots of other people, have been exchanging messages on the Facebook network via the page  AMTM's Friends.
The communal pages represent, for all those who sign up to it, a wonderful space, in which to share, put forward ideas, exchange information about the life of the Association... experience the delight of always feeling closer to the ‘nature of our missions’.

Via our website is the place where Laurent and Marc can promote the latest information about the life of our Association; our missions; life at all our sites in India and Nepal; our events; our shop.

And it’s also the place where all our members can communicate with each other about our actions.


On Facebook you can also find ‘Virginie Genty Condette’s page’.

She provides a real link between fans of Sébastien (of the group IL Divo) and the Association. Virginie communicates daily on her facebook page with 15 countries.
Thanks to these contacts we benefit from their support throughout the whole world. In this Newsletter, you will discover Whetne’s message, who is from Venezuela and an Il Divo fan.


Throughout this current mission the team has delighted us by sending videos live from Nepal  via Facebook, thus allowing us to experience their working day in the field:
The team working hard at the AMTM House in Kathmandu.
Overview of the team at work where they attended to 60 people..!  -->

Dr Jocelyne Nicolas and Lucie Bouquet, who are in charge of hygiene training, are presenting Kunsang’s work which informs dozens of people at all AMTM’s sites in Nepal and India  -->

And other videos in which we thank our donors from all parts of the globe:

Such as Roddy (artist and sculptor from Ireland) for all the clothes collected from the Il Divo fan clubs world-wide  -->

Also a very beautiful video to thank Rita of the Bay Area Divas Fan Club in California, who has knitted a number of scarves  -->

And our partner "Coudémail", which has also made dozens of children happys -->



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