Newsletter No 17 - February 2011

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Thanks to Coudémail, and the campaign which they conducted in their 35 branches towards the end of 2010, almost 1,000€ and around 2,000 items of clothing (of which 2/3 were brand new) have been collected.
A magnificent campaign which will benefit our young protegees in Nepal and India during our forthcoming missions in March and April 2011.
Thank you Coudémail!


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Wind-up torches and multi-tool radios will provide light and information where batteries cannot be found at the corner shop...

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Thanks to our AMTM agents, Eric Russenberger and his wife Kunsang who are reporting straight from their home ground in Nepal.

The visit by His Holiness The Dalaï Lama to Zangdhok Palri.

At the end of 2010 the Monastery of Zangdhok Palri (Kalimpong) was honoured and delighted by the visit of his Holiness The Dalaï Lama.
He recognised Lama Chimey and Lama Jangchup and took them both in his arms.  His Holiness underlined the spiritual and cultural importance of Zangdhok Palri as this monastery was set up by his Holiness Dudjon Rimpoche.  This building would even have been predicted in the Tibetan Buddists’ books.

The head of the Monastery, Shingdup Rimpoche, welcomes His Holiness

Two new water heaters for Dolpo.

Water is life and hot water means hygiene.  The children can now have 3 showers a week instead of the one previously.  The managers tell us that infectious skin complaints have almost disappeared.
This means savings and fewer worries ahead!


Lama Gondup is getting ready for the next monsoon and is building a support wall to avoid a landslide in the adjoining field below his own.  He is looking for a second Khenpo.
They are in the process of building their room on top of the building.

The nuns appreciated their personal hygiene sessions delivered by Kunsang and they clearly showed their appreciation  when the course ended.  It is a topic which is avoided in Nepal. 
The girls at Dolpo have requested more lessons.



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