Newsletter No 14 - September 2010


To Nepal
From 21 Oct. to 5 Nov. 2010

Number of participants: 13
Sites to be visited:
Urgyen Do Ngak Choling
Nyingma Palyul
Snowland Ranag School
Children of Sagarmatha
Tso Gyal Ge Phel Jong
AMTM House - Independents
Pharping Independents
Don’t forget to send us your letters for your sponsored person, if you have not already done so.

Medicines, clothes, blankets logistics….
…help us to complete the budget which is vital for this mission.
In these austere times, each donation is precious!  Thank you!
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A dynamo torch!

This is a very useful item in countries where the electricity is only operating for a few hours a day and where there isn’t a shop which sells batteries on every street corner.
The wind-up torch is small, autonomous, ecological, fitted with a 5 led bulb and will be very useful for both children and adults.
Some are still available at the AMTM Shop.


Béatrice Gaichies

Until 15 November 2010
Private viewing on Saturday 9 October 2010
at the Marignan Practice
21 rue Marignan, 75008 Paris


A computer for AMTM

One of our computers has gently given up the ghost after some years’ loyal service.  If you have a fairly recent PC capable of using Windows 7 (with or without a monitor), it will be very useful and would make the people at our Head Office very happy!   Thanks to you all!

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A Report by Brigitte Le Cossec

In Spiti this year the Monsoons have been exceptionally heavy!
An interview with Brigitte Le Cossec during a mission to North West India this summer:

" This year the climatic conditions, due to an unusual Monsoon season in the Himalayan regions, have been exceptionally difficult with lots of rain above the monsoon area (3,000m).  I was assessing my chances of reaching Spiti, as following my arrival I lived through 4 days of rain, snow on the summits, a glacial cold and the Rothang pass closed.   Fortunately, several days of blue skies and sunshine allowed me to carry out my visits to some families in the villages, and hand over the sponsorships and medicines which were needed.  Spiti was cut off,  the roads remained closed for too long because of land slides.  Lorries could no longer get to the villages and, on the one hand, this led to a shortage of vegetables, fruit and an assortment of vital basic goods, and on the other, making it impossible to gather in the harvest for sale in the markets on the plains around Delhi, which means a total loss of annual income for the families.  Furthermore, some people who were seriously ill were not able to get to a hospital, which is a 3 day trek away, for treatment.
The villages were cut off from the outside world,  their homes built on a hard packed surface were damaged considerably.
This summarises in a few lines the dramatic situation of the local population in this region of India.


Brigitte was able to assess the progress of the work being carried out at the Medical Centre in this remote region of India, thanks to the generous donors who responded to AMTM’s appeal.

On the ground floor is the entrance, with a corridor on the right leading to the pharmacy and 5 consultation rooms; a corridor on the left leading to a laboratory, 2 consultation rooms and 3 bathrooms.
On the first floor there is already a staff room for the medical staff, 8 rooms with two or three beds for patients, and bathrooms.
What else needs to be financed?
- A new coat of paint is required to complete the interior and exterior finishing touches.
- Purchase of and laying tiles to the floor and walls in the laboratory and bathrooms.
- Purchase of and installation of sanitary ware
– Toilets, washbasins, taps, a 5m3 secure septic tank which has to be dug down to a depth of 5m.
- Medical equipment for the laboratory and dentist’s room.
The Medical Centre should be opened in 2011.

"Thanks a million for your generosity and faithful support. 
Without you nothing would be possible and I would just  like to share with you the sincere gratitude of those whom you are helping on the other side of the world.
Each donation, each sponsorship counts."

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