Newsletter No 13 - July 2010


Mission to Rewalsar & Spiti, India
from June 27 to August 8, 2010

Number of participants: 1
Sites to be visited:
- Ogyen Herukai Phodrang Monastery
- Padmasambhava Grotto
- Indépendants
- Sanag Choling Monastery
- Indépendants
- Finalising building work at the Medical Centre

Mission to Nepal
from October 21 to November 5, 2010

Number of participants : 13
Sites to be visited:
Urgyen Do Ngak Choling
Snowland Ranag Scool
Children of Sagarmatha
Tso Gyal Ge Phel Jong
AMTM House - Independants
Pharping Independants



Les Nouveaux Robinsons

Thanks to "Les Nouveaux Robinsons" (French stores' trade mark) who have given the Association 1,000 masks and 50 bottles of antiseptic hand gel. The total value being 875€.
If donations are vital for our initiatives in the field, payments in kind are a good way of helping AMTM.
IT equipment, photocopying materials, office supplies and items for our Xmas Tombola are always welcome…



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According to the President’s and Treasurer’s Reports (click here to download) which were presented at the AGM on the 6 June 2010, and thanks to the generosity of our members, the Association’s income for 2009 was  549,547 € (*), which is an increase of 16% on the previous year.  Each section of the Association played its part in this upturn, which is most encouraging.
58% of this figure comes from sponsorships, 30% from donations, 9% from events and 3% from subscriptions.

In 2009 100€ were allocated thus:  78% for social missions, 8% for fundraising and 14% for operational costs.
Therefore, our aim of allocating ¾ of the funds towards social missions has largely been met.              
Thanks to everyone rallying round we have achieved our two main objectives for the year:
-To support the Development section, indeed to increase our activities despite the current crisis (Medical section up 25%, Sponsorships up by 5%).
-Not to eat into our funds.
THANKS to you all 2009 has been a good year.

In 2010 between galloping inflation and a sizeable drop in the value of the Euro (this conjunction is a new one) the demands remain huge in both Nepal and India.
It will require a lot of goodwill from everyone to develop together, thanks to the efficient operation which AMTM is, our support at the Roof of the World…
Each  sponsorship, each donation is precious!
THANK YOU for your generosity.
(*) taken from the report about our commitments from allocated income


The House for AIDS patients

3 people are currently responsible for this care centre: a Nurse, a Nun and a Counsellor.  Thanks to you, AMTM is giving 1,100€ a year to pay for the latter’s salary.

Most of the patients are in their twenties, some are almost 30 years old and one person is 40 years old.  The Nuns call them “People who are experiencing a living death.”
The ones who are aged 20 years are often angry, others suffer from depression, and others go in search of drugs to try to forget.
Seven died at the centre this year.  The last one was 22 years old.  Most of them have children who are also infected.  Currently the centre has 20 beds and at the moment 70 to 80 people are being looked after.  They are helped, fed and encouraged to remain in touch with their families in order to avoid depression.  Another fine undertaking by the Sisters of Cluny  with whom we are happy to work.


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