Newsletter No 10 - January 2010

Thanks to each and everyone of you for supporting us.
All the AMTM Team send you their best wishes
for a wonderful 2010!


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If you have not already done so we are relying on you to make a contribution towards the AMTM Surgery Campaign.

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What a wonderful story between ourselves!

Our team has still not got over it!
We are so moved to have received a letter a few days ago from a young lady aged 12 years in which she expressed movingly and warmly her desire to work alongside us.  She seems to have thought very hard about it and has made up her mind.
Emmanuelle, we are very proud to know that you are part of us and we will try never to let you down.
But what a shame that you didn’t give us your address!

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At the Marignan Surgery

We are starting off the 2010 Exhibitions on behalf of AMTM by bringing you the works of Maja.
Assemblages, collages, each piece is original and tells a story, her own no doubt but maybe yours.
Each picture in its frame comprises a box enclosing a compact but eventful image.

Private viewing on
Saturday 6th February 2010

Join us to wander through these beautiful boxes.  We await the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine with you.

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More than 4,600,000 viewers tuned in to watch Lara Fabian on France2 French channel.

AMTM is so fortunate to have the support of such a talented and generous Patron as Lara Fabian.  She has been supporting AMTM for several years and thanks to her talent and kindness we have received  20,000€, which she won by singing with the irresistible Eric Laugérias on the very popular Nagui programme which was televised on the 1st January.  For those of you who missed it the show can be seen on the France 2 website.
Since then, we have beaten all records for visits to our website and are also hoping to make a greater number of people aware of the cause which motivates us.

Lara, accompanied by Laurent Roubach, a member of AMTM, has once again demonstrated her commitment to AMTM during the show “Panique dans l’oreillette” presented by Fréderic Lopez, also on France 2 French channel on the 13th January and watched by 1,800,000 viewers...

What a superb start you have given us to the New Year Lara!



Thanks from our patron to all the AMTM donors

Admirers and fans hurry up and listen to this New Year message which Sébastien, of the group IL DIVO, has recorded for you.  A wonderful surprise for 2010 which demonstrates the extent of his commitment to AMTM.
Dear Sébastien the whole team is very grateful to you for this!
These messages (in French and English) have already been seen 2,200 times in 3 weeks...



For our two logistics experts, Christophe and Yves

Christophe MERCEY and Yves TOUSCHE, were recently in Kathmandu from the 12th - 20th  January.  They were able to revisit the Nunnery and assess, along with 2 architects and the building contractor, the problem of landslides which we noted during our last mission in October 2009.  Although an impact on the building was judged to be unlikely, they decided on an action plan and its implementation.  Its progress will be checked next April.

Lama Gondup (who is in charge of the Nunnery), the architect TEMBA, the building contractor JAMPAL and Yves inspecting the land on the south side of the Nunnery.

The aim of this mission was also to carry out a complete audit of the accounts for the sites visited in October.  This is to understand the operation and peculiarities of each site so that we may take action which is both efficient and fair.  All the sites have demonstrated transparency and the figures must now be analysed.
Finally, this mission was able to devote itself to the organisation of the local team.  As from this year it will be able to help the Development sector by carrying out information gathering tasks between missions.

MADHAV TIMALSINA and KALSANG GURUNG showing the accounts to Christophe and Kunzang at the Snowland Ranag School

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