Words by some AMTM Sponsors

Danièle Lacombe Cazal:

I’m still filled with wonder and deeply pleased when I see how my godchildren change. Throughout the years, I can see them growing and developing watching photos and reading mails I regularly receive.
I’ve been sponsoring children or adults for 20 years and I really feel myself useful!
Thank you AMTM, you work with heart to get them out of poverty and give them the chance to build their lives.
As a Westerner, I’m specially moved when I feel the joy the children have to be able to  go to school, to learn, to plan their future careers... they often choose to help others when they are adults themselves.

I send you all my great affection and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Nathalia Genin:

I was delighted to meet my godson, Sange Namkha Sherpa and it was with great emotion that I went to the monastery; our letters were becoming “concrete”.
He looked calm, shy, and we had some difficulties to communicate in English.
We planned to meet again few days later in Kathmandu, but it was unfortunately not possible because I had to give mini-lectures to teen-agers at Shechen Clinic.
There was not a lot of people at the monastery during our visit since the young monks were on vacation. Those who were there seemed to have fun.
Through you,  I wish to thank again Eric and his wife Kunsang who came with me and made this visit possible.

I take the opportunity of this message to congratulate you on your involvement and your work on the spot, which is real and concrete.
I think I’ll go back to Nepal next year and of course I’ll keep you informed.

Yours sincerely,
Nathalia Genin


Annick Vial:

Since March 2009, I am happy to sponsor Kalzang, a Nepalese girl who lives in Pharping (a village 25 km from Kathmandu). She is now just 3 years old.
A friend introduced AMTM to me and I attended the Christmas party  the association held at Unesco on Sunday, December 6th, 2009.
There I met some of its members: all charming, open and very human.

Over the months, through letters and photos, I see Kalzang growing up, she is developing to my greatest satisfaction. The €30 (tax deductible) that  I monthly give ensure her a decent and healthy life and  pay her schooling, which is not free in Nepal. Moreover, girls are more disadvantaged than boys.

This exchange is precious to me, it's  a major and very fulfilling commitment. My wish is to meet her one day in her country.



Elizabeth Fillion:

Since 2003 I’ve been sponsoring Dho'ngag Tenzin, a monk at Samye Memorial Institute.

Let me tell you how happy I am to have chosen your association. As a sponsor I greatly appreciate the "feedback" I have for this simple participation of a monthly donation: your site where I can almost daily follow your actions and missions, your journal,  especially the questionnaire and the very comprehensive report that every year makes me discover a little bit more how life is like in Samye Memorial Institute.

I am therefore very concerned and have no feeling of being only a bank transfer sponsor.

I thank you and all your team, and especially Danielle Siegfried-Moussard for her report and her answers to my questions which confirm me in my idea that I made the good choice in humbly helping you.

Elisabeth Fillion


Here is a beautiful story of sponsorship Daniel tells us:

Tenzin Tsomo was born in 1985 in Tibet. Like many Tibetans, she fled Tibet with her 2 brothers and her parents to live in a refugee camp in Orissa (India).

The first time I heard about Tsomo was when I was told that she was suffering from a drug-resistant tuberculosis and that it was urgent to give her assistance since her life was in danger.  After having done what was necessary to find the effective medicine,  I took the opportunity of a departure to India to send her the treatment. A year later, she has made a complete recovery!

The second request concerned her education. So I financially contributed to her admission to a Tibetan school.  In 1994, she was accepted for higher education in Dharamsala, to the Tibetan Children’s Village.

She was aware of her chance,  did well in her studies course and was admitted to a college in India. At the same time, she did work experiences in hospitals and in 2006 she obtained her nursing degree.

Tsomo has always been grateful for the help my sponsorship gave her. She has informed us that she would like to work for AMTM. Every day, she thanks for this help which changed her life and her future.

At the time of the mission in October 2008, Tsomo will work with the team and will be introduced in the sites we visit.