Words by our teams

  • Anna Ferrero  testifies after her return from the Nepal mission and interviewing several sponsored people:

    As a humanitarian, it was a very intense experience to meet the people sponsored through AMTM. On the one hand, the site referents (in France) proposed to each of us a plethora of pertinent, inventive and very interesting questions. Their amazing preliminary work has allowed us, once we were on site, to have genuine encounters with the sponsored people.

    On the other hand, the follow up files on each person, created year after year, are very interesting. They allow for more accurate fine tuning of our questions, and in this way guarantee the sponsors a real life history of the people they sponsor.
    In this way, these contacts can be very powerful, instructive, emotional and useful, touching on both their personal lives and their zealous practice of buddhist spirituality.
    I was sometimes worried, often touched, and really deeply moved by listening to them...
    ... And I came out a different person, this heartfelt experience opening up so many subjects for reflection...
    In every case there was genuine Exchange!
    I thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who has prepared the questionnaires et those who have helped me on site, to jump feet first in these enriching encounters.
    I'll go there again!!! »


  • Sophie, in charge of donations and sponsorships, says:

    « I have known AMTM in 1996 by my doctor who was himself deeply involved in the association. I have first sponsored a person, then I gradually discovered the activities of this NGO and the values to which it was committed. I admired the quality of the work and I found this human size association appealing.  I proposed my candidature and I have a part-time job there since 2005. I am in charge of the sponsorships and donations administration. I receive many phone calls and the warmth of the exchanges with the godfathers and godmothers gives me a great joy. The office in Nanterre is a wonderful place of sharing where everyone, volunteer or employee, works with the best of himself/herself. There is a lot to do, but the atmosphere is encouraging.

    I learn a lot with AMTM, I get more than I give and the travels to Nepal opened my eyes on people and cultures I did not know; for all these beautiful things, THANK YOU. »


  • Nicole tells us about her experience as Tso Gyal Ge Phel Jong and Kathmandu Independents Sponsorships Referent :

    « Before getting involved in charge of a site logistic, I wanted to wait my private and professional life to be less busy because volunteering is very absorbing!  I was intent on doing my utmost to help the other.
    It is the work of a whole year that will make effective a day spent in a site during the mission. In return, this day on the spot will give life and meaning to the files of the sponsored persons.
    It is for me a permanent satisfaction to strengthen the links between two persons, to listen to others and to open up to the differences. There is no time for boredom as it is not uncommon that I am asked to find solutions or improvements to a problematic situation. And when the problem is several thousand kilometres far from you, you have to be responsive and precise. It makes me feel useful and alive. Thank you to you all.»


    • Nathalie and Jean-Marc, husband and wife, have got involved in voluntary service with AMTM. They say :

      « We have been in charge of the sponsorships in Nyingma Palyul for 5 years. At this time, this site took care of about sixty really disadvantaged little boys; they are now 240. Every year, we see the children growing, some of them will continue in the Buddhist tradition, others will return to the civilian life with the basic education. What a pleasure to give them their sponsor’s letter which they have been waiting so much and to see their daily life getting better with the completion of major projects.
      Every year is the opportunity to meet wonderful people: we have a very strong link with the head of the site and also with the most constant sponsors.
      For each mission, we have to find the most urgent things to be done and to curb our impatience because everything progresses slowly in Nepal!
      What a wonderful lesson of life. »


    • A few words, by Françoise Pachulski, member since 1992:

      « I was lucky to be there at the beginning of AMTM.

      After a few trips with different teams, I was able to realize how important is the help we can bring to all these extremely poor people.

      I felt very privileged to live here, having been able to bring up a child with everything that was necessary and I thought it was time to share attention, love with “underprivileged”  children. So I became the "referent" of the Snowland Ranag School. This gives a meaning to life!

      The children’ look, their joy when they see what we bring to them, their laughter while playing ball, skipping ropes ... It's so heart-warming that you want to do more!

      But to do so, in my case it will have to wait .... retirement! »


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