Who are the persons you sponsor?

Children and adults

    • They are more than 1000 children and adults in great difficulty:
      Nepalese, Indian, Buthanese or Tibetan children or teen-agers, but also elderly (who are often Tibetans in exile)
    • Thanks to the sponsorships, you help them to live and to study every day in orphanages or monasteries-schools
    • According to their capabilities,  all children receiving our aid in different orphanages have a complete studies course up to the equivalent of our French baccalauréat
    • You offer elderly decent end of life conditions
    • Hundreds applications are still pending.

    Mission Spiti 2017

    du 24 juillet au 16 août 2017

    Course des Héros 2017

    Dimanche 18 juin 2017

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