The sponsorship in practical terms


How can I become a sponsor?

  • Fill in a form indicating your wish and we shall send you a sponsorship file by post.
  • The money you donate is handed to the person in charge of the site if your godchild lives in a community, to his/her parents if the child lives in his/her family, or personally if the person you sponsor is an independent adult. 20% of your donation is used to finance the association management and organization of the missions expenses.
  • If you live and pay your taxes in France, 66% of the amounts you send to AMTM are tax-deductible within the limits of 20% of your taxable income. In case it exceeds this percentage, the surplus can be carried over 5 years.
    Thus, your €30 sponsorship finally costs you €10.20 per month.

  • With your support, their future will be radically transformed. Thank you for helping the person you sponsor to live, to be self-confident again and feel confident about life.



  • You can write to the person you sponsor as often as you wish. To receive news, to know that someone think of you, even far away, is a great comfort for everyone. Do not hesitate to send them photos of you, of your family, of the place where you live etc.
  • The mail is routed within 1 or 2 weeks. For more security,  better not to send anything bulky which is likely to draw attention. The letter must be written in English.
  • In France, a person in charge of the sponsorships and who is familiar with the site, follows the evolution of each sponsored person and of the needs of the place. Do not hesitate to call him/her for more information. He/She also can give your mail. 


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