FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


When and how often shall I receive a report about the person I sponsor?

  • The sites are visited at least once a year. After each mission, we shall send you news about the person you sponsor in the form of a photo and of an interview, as well as a report of our work in the site.


How long does a sponsorship last?

  • There are no real  rules but the principle of the sponsorship is to accompany a godchild  or an adult you sponsor several years, usually about ten. It is advisable to maintain your sponsorship as long as possible, and at least one year.


May I cancel?

  • You can terminate your sponsorship at any time, without any delay nor justification. AMTM will then find another sponsor for the person you sponsor so that he/she is not without support too long. However, a period of 3 months is often necessary to find another sponsor and the ideal would be that your take it into account when making your decision.


How much costs a sponsorship?

  • €30 per month.


Does my sponsorship entitle to a tax cut?

  • If you live and pay your taxes in France, 66% of the amounts you send to AMTM are tax-deductible within the limits of 20% of your taxable income. In case it exceeds this percentage, the surplus can be carried over 5 years. Thus, your €30 sponsorship finally costs you €10.2 per month.


May I give more than €30 per month or send a gift to the child I sponsor?

  • Yes, you can make donations to the association to finance other substructures or development projects. These are “humanitarian donations” which will be recorded apart from your sponsorship.

  • As to gifts: On the occasion of each mission, the team takes your letters for all the concerned godchildren. This is a pretty big volume in the logisticians' luggage! Consequently, we cannot take gifts for your godchildren, unless they are light and not bulky (pen, earrings ...). However, if you wish to make a gift to your godson, the best is to contact your sponsorships referent who will give you more details. 


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