Mission au Népal

du 28 février au 14 mars 2019

Bonne année

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24.01.11 18:03 Age: 8 Years

Another exceptional sale

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thanks to Sébastien Izambard

AMTM and Sebastien Izambard, member of the famous pop opera band Il Divo and AMTM patron organize a new and exciting event : the auction of a unique bottle of wine offered by M. D., a very generous italian fan.
This bottle of collection belonged to Carmelo Carisi (Al Bano father), you surely remember Al bano and Romina Power, the famous italian singers of "Felicita"!

It's one (the last one ?) of the 1979's bottles who were signed by them.

Once again, with very much generosity and loyalty, Sebastien supports AMTM through this sale.
He accepted to promote it and he recorded a special message for you.

Like him, support AMTM and make a good deed for nepalese and indian Children.

Collectors, get ready to bid!
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