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in Nepal and India


Mission Nepal  2011

An  AMTM team will be in the Kathmandu valley from 17 to 31 March 2011.
Follow it day by day thanks to the photos uploaded daily on the AMTM photo galery.

Team: 14

Mission Leader: Laurent Charbonnier

Visited sites :
. AMTM House
. Rigzin Drubpeh Ghatsal
. Samye Memorial
. Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Center
. Rigzin Phodrang
. Kunsang Choling Nunnery
. Od Sal Choling
. Buddha Academy
. Independents of Katmandou.

Mission India 2011

Another team will be in India, in Kalimpong and Sikkim areas, from 9 to 23 April 2011.

Team: 7

Mission Leader: Laurent Roubach

Visited sites:
. Zangdhok Palri
. Jangsa Dechen Choling
. Sisters of Cluny
. Gangtok (Sikkim)