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Superbe et pratique...

19.05.10 15:48 Age: 8 Years

Worldwide Il Divo Fan Clubs

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support AMTM!


Il Divo Fan Clubs support AMTM all over the world!

A huge thanks to Whetne Maria Testa for this fabulous video!

The indestructible support of this young venezuelan lady, fan of Sebastien Izambard and Il Divo moves us a lot.
With her enthousiastic and touching video, Whetne gathered the testimonies of number of Il Divo fan Clubs : France, Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Latvia, Peru and of course Venezuela.

AMTM team thanks so much all these fans who around the world and so far from France show us an exemplary faith.

Congratulations to all and once again, thank you so much!