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du 28 février au 14 mars 2019

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"Water & Energy" campaign

'Water & Energy' AMTM program : a strategic plan!


Water is life! Its quality is health!
In Nepal, 16 sites which AMTM supports are subjected to various situations which require us to offer each one of them an appropriate and measured solution.

The first challenge is quantity. The solution will depend on the geographical location of each site and the number of  residents. In Rigzin Phodrang, a water tank; in Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Center, drilling a well; in Nyingma Palyul, rechannelling water… Elsewhere, collecting the monsoon rain water.

Our second challenge is the quality of the water which is vital to maintain health. Once collected, how to arrange for a suitable storage? How many UV filters will have to be installed? Hot water in the bathroom by installing solar panels guarantees optimum hygiene measures: we have chosen this solution, notably in Samye Memorial. We already have a local person in charge of following-up our initiative and our actions.

Thanks to your support, all the projects will see the light of day.

With you, this large-scale programme can become a reality…

Thank you!

Laurent Charbonnier


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