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du 28 février au 14 mars 2019

01.04.09 17:33 Age: 10 Years

5 T-shirts signed by Sebastien Izambard

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... sold on Ebay !

AMTM met Sebastien last month in Paris for a very special dedication session.

Sebastien is always ready to support AMTM by any means by pleasing his fans as mentionned on IL DIVO official site.
He has therefore very generously and spontaneously offered to autograph 9 AMTM T-shirts.

He is now glad to offer the first set of 5 of these exceptional and real collector’s items.

These T-shirts have been created especially for AMTM by our partner Lisa Tsang, a young, very generous and talented designer from Hong Kong.

All the profits of this auction will be given to AMTM for its activities in Nepal and India.

The sale on Ebay took place from March 23rd to April 2nd, 2009.

Bravo and thank you to the generous buyers who have gained the bids!

  • Cheryl  (United Kingdom) at €1,050
  • Inma  (Spain) at €300
  • Cynthia, from the Il Divo fan club "BAD-Bay Area Divas" (USA) at €325
  • Cynthia, from the Il Divo fan club "BAD-Bay Area Divas" (USA) at €325
  • Sandra  (USA) at €401

Thus, for the next mission on the spot, it is more than €2,400 which will be allocated to the improvement of the living conditions of children, adults and elderly we take care of in Nepal and India.
Again, thank you for them! 
And thank you Sebastien!

And if you missed the auction, be aware that other "Sebastien Izambard T-shirts" (not signed) are also for sale in the AMTM Shop!


Dedication: "Congratulations. You are the 1rst - Seb"

Ebay article number:  160323516960

Dedication: "Thanks so much for taking good care of the others. AMTM - Seb"

Ebay article number:  160323521088

Dedication: "This means a lot to AMTM. Thank you so much - Seb"

Ebay article number: 160323523231

Dedication: "Much love - Seb"

Ebay article number: 160323523968

Dedication: "Thank you so much to support AMTM. Much love - Seb"

Ebay article number: 160323524733