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Mission en Inde

du 20 avril au 5 mai 2019

What we have done

  • Pharping health center

    In 2005, AMTM decided to allocate €12,500 to the Pharping health center, which is an hour away from Kathmandu. Its mission is to provide basic care for the 40,000 inhabitants of the area and to enable women to give birth safely.

    AMTM joined this project because it ensures permanent long term medical follow-up within the Nepalese infrastructure. A first victory in a country of 30 million poorly equipped people, where there are only 83 hospitals, 700 clinics and 0.21 doctors for 1,000 inhabitants.


  • The hospital at the “Top of the World”

    In the middle of the Himalayas, in the Spiti Valley, north-west of India, 10,000 Tibetan and Nepalese nationals live 5 hours’ walk away from the nearest hospital.

    By building a nearby medical centre, AMTM hopes to reduce infant mortality and many diseases. The project, which cost €50,000, was able to start in 2006 thanks to the generosity of many donors who responded to a call for funds and with the profit from the concert given by Lara Fabian in September 2006 in aid of AMTM.


  • AMTM-Cluny medical house in India

    In Kalimpong, north-west of India, the Cluny AMTM medical house was inaugurated with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny partnership. This place of constant care has a pathology laboratory, a radiology room, a pharmacy, a delivery room, rooms for the patients, a tuberculosis treatment and follow-up care unit. AMTM provided this brand-new equipment for a total cost of €22,000.

    With 3,000 consultations during the first year, this house covers the  22,000 people of the 90 villages within a 100 km radius around Kalimpong. The good partnership with the Sisters of Cluny continues through the sending of the needed drugs and also allows the follow-up medical care of the sponsored children of the neighboring monasteries.

    Every year, the Sisters estimate the number of people who need surgery in the villages they take care of, and who can be financially supported by AMTM. For several years, the allocated sums led to the correction of several harelips, burn scars and other malformations.