L'eau, c'est précieux !

Mission en Inde

du 20 avril au 5 mai 2019

Mission details

  • Every day, the medical team visits the sites and cares for the patients.
    Every year, this is eagerly awaited and it is not uncommon that their arrival is announced in the vicinity.


  • When the consultation is finished, the patient is directed to the Asssociation's pharmacy, and leaves with the exact quantity of prescribed medecines. With great patience, the Tibetan or Nepali translator explains the instructions given by the pharmacist.
    This generally happens in an atmosphere of good humour. Reassured and knowing they have been treated, the patients leave with a smile on their face.


  • Every evening, the medical team takes stock of the day, highlighting the difficulties and significant events. In the event of emergency, the doctors may decide to hospitalize somebody. If so, it is a collective decision as the Association will bear the costs and the contact with the hospital.