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du 28 février au 14 mars 2019

News of the website


A website is alive, it  moves with the constant desire of being clearer, more complete… and to please you.

So, visit this page regularly!
It will inform you about all the addenda or modifications made to the site www.amtm.org and to its shop.
Happy surfing!.





A link to the Facebook Group of AMTM has been added in the page "association/identification".


New page "Friend's websites"

Creation of a new page, dedicated to links share with websites who support AMTM.


American Express credit card available

"Amex" cards can be used now for online payments (donations and AMTM Shop).


Crash of the Internet server

A major crash occured  in July 2009 on our server at OVH, compounded by a problem of automatic backups, has led to significant loss of data and several days of inaccessibility of the website and AMTM shop. A huge restoration work was undertaken until early September to restore the situation.




Adding of links to old AMTM Newsletters


Top Menu/The "News of the site"

Creation of a page of information on the structural changes of the site.



They help us/Il Divo

Adding of a video (YouTube link)  with Sébastien telling the theft of his shoe when on stage, which was then sold on Ebay in aid of AMTM.


Images of AMTM/Videos gallery

Creation of a “Videos Gallery” page and insertion of a first video edited by Gillian O’Meara and Patrick Briffaux.