Our achievements

Encouraging a greatest autonomy

The association promotes initiatives to increase the autonomy of the sites, such as:

  • A new Nunnery
    For 10 years, Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde supports 45 nuns living in a house they rent in Kathmandu.  The area is unhealthy. They are sometimes 8 in a room because the house became too small.  There is no canteen, no classroom. Always at the mercy of an eviction, the building of a new Nunnery would help them to find the serenity and peace of mind worthy of the choice of life they have made.
    In 2007, AMTM has decided to help them and the project took shape. Kunsang Chöling Nunnery is on the north of Kathmandu.
    The opening ceremony took place in April 2008. Tibetan and Nepali traditional dances enlivened this event. The nuns will be able to move in this “36 rooms” during the summer 2008. They are delighted!
    Our generous donors and the work of a volunteer, who designed the building and monitored the work by going on the spot in Nepal several times, made this project amounting to €100,000 possible



  • A new orphanage : Children of Sagarmatha
    It accommodates 53 children in a large house. Among these children from 5 to 14 years old, some are orphans, others have a parent who is too poor to take care of them. For each child who is taken in and admitted, a personal file is held in conjunction with the country’s authorities to ensure the security of each boarder in the orphanage until he/she comes of age. Thus, no one may take him/her to make him/her work or sink back into the terrible situations the association tries to save him/her from.

    Considering the current situation in Nepal, the opening of this orphanage is an urgent need and a long-term commitment.
    Thanks to the generosity of our donors, AMTM could buy the building of this orphanage for €80,000.
    A guarantee of continuity…


  • The ground floor of a building, housing 8 bedrooms with sanitory, was built in 2005 in the Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Center.
    This institute was opened in 1977 by the Tibetan refugees as the first Higher Education Establishment for Buddhist Studies in  Kathmandu.

    In 2011 this building was completed with the construction of a first floor, thus doubling its accommodation, which is essential for an institute which supports the poorest children from the region.


  • The creation of kitchens, sanitation, classrooms in the Buddha Memorial Children’s home orphanage-school AMTM supports since its inception, or in the Snowland Ranag School in Kathmandu, the only public school runned by a monk!


  • In Orissa (India), the replacement of agricultural equipment, including a whole park of tractors, necessary to feed 3,700 people.


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