What is costs?

  • In Nepal and India, the monthly food bill for a balanced diet consisting of rice, vegetables, flour, eggs, butter, tea and milk, costs about €13 per person.

  • Meat and eggs are currently very expensive.

  • The cost of food varies depending on the place and the country (India or Nepal).
    It lies somewhere between €6 and €9 per person and per month.
    But inflation is high and prices are rising rapidly. All the more so since there are no wholesalers, each sells his small production...



  • During recent missions to some sites, the AMTM team noticed that signs of malnutrition seem to be taking hold and may appear among the youngest in the form of retarded growth in height and weight. Vegetables are scarce and meat and eggs have disappeared from the daily meal.
    Fruit is never part of it.
    As these people are in monasteries, the Association has difficulty in placing sponsorships.
    A project to set up an agricultural co-operative or farm is currently being studied.


L'eau, c'est précieux !

Mission en Inde

du 20 avril au 5 mai 2019