Education in Nepal and India

Here is a chart of the Nepalese and Indian education systems compared with the English system.

In Nepal and India it is a huge opportunity for a child to be able to attend school up to the Second Year, which is Class 10.

Elsewhere in Nepal, at the end of Class 10, the term “School Leaving Certificate” (SLC) is very significant, because it literally indicates an “exit” certificate.

It is even more difficult to continue beyond that because studies are very expensive, and then it is rare to find schools offering Classes 11 and 12.

The regular help offered by AMTM to several schools over the years, as well as the sponsorships, means that each child has a fantastic opportunity to remain in the education system, and to continue at the higher secondary stage up to our A Levels and Vocational Qualifications and even the English Baccalaureate.

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