Mission AMTM au Népal

du 6 au 20 avril 2017

Campagne "Sweet Dream"

Appel aux dons pour le sommeil des enfants

Course des Héros 2017

Dimanche 18 juin 2017

Cotisation AMTM 2017

Adhérez, ré-adhérez !


In a few words


« When the association carried out its first mission in 1992 to respond to the call of Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India to save their youth from tuberculosis and preserve their culture, none of us knew where this adventure would lead.

Yet, the founding team, around the President, Dr. Yves Lhomelet and Evelyne Charbonnier, organized the association in three natural centers: medical, sustainable development and sponsorships. These three mainstays which seem inextricably linked are the strength of the association and, with their synergy, the results were rapidly apparent.

Through its actions on the spot, Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde has become a global agent for development. Especially it has rapidly expanded its work to the poor populations in Nepal and India, particularly to women and children.
Our approach is non-exclusive, open and ecumenical.

Watching the progress made since 24 years now, I must admit I feel a great pride which I would like to share with you.
I also would like to thank all those who helped us and who trusted us.
Their support guides our action. »

Laurent Charbonnier, Honorary President




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