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Mission en Inde

du 20 avril au 5 mai 2019

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  • Nepal 2012 - follow the teams of the two NEPAL 2012 missions

    Thanks to these two videos, you will be able to follow AMTM on the field, during the missions of March and October 2012.
    You will discover the organization of Medical, Development and Sponsorship teams, and realize what is done for those we support in the Kathmandu Valley, thanks to your donations.
    - Video #1 : Mission to Nepal March 2012
    - Video #2 : Mission to Nepal October 2012

  • Nepal - March 2011: The "Stade Brestois 29" football team provides the Samye Memorial!

    The Stade Brestois 29 French football team made donation of complete soccer equipments to the children of Samye school in Kathmandu. Tee-shirts, shorts, socks ... they are now equipped "like pros"!
  • Nepal - March 2011: Coudémail operation 

    Distribution at Samye school (Kathmandu) of a part of the clothing given thanks to the operation by our partner Coudémail "Ensemble pour les enfants du Népal" (Together for the children of Nepal).
  • Nepal - March 2011:  Work at AMTM House!

    A glance at a working day at AMTM house in Kathmandu. You’ll see how the medical and sponsorships teams work.
    That day, they have seen 60 people...
  • Nepal - March 2011: Hygiene training

    Dr. Jocelyne Nicolas, with Lucie Bouquet, presents the work of hygiene education and training AMTM teams do with educational materials in English and Nepali during lessons given by Kunsang in all the sites AMTM supports.
  • Nepal - March 2011:  Distribution of clothing donated by fans of Il Divo

    A big thank you to Roddy, an Irishman who has collected hundreds of garments from Il Divo fans all over the world!
  • Nepal - March 2011:  Scarves for kids!

    The children of Buddha Academy (Kathmandu) thank Rita, a Californian fan of Il Divo, who knitted them beautiful and warm scarves.
  • Compilation 1992 - 1997

    Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde sincerely thanks Gillian O’Meara, journalist, and Patrick Briffaux, who edited this video (7 min.) that we are proud to show you here.
    They were able  to sum up our work in such a beautiful way from hundreds of hours of footage filmed on the spot since 1992 and carefully kept.
    Their patience and their professionalism to have kept the most important is only equaled by their commitment with us.
  • Fans of Sébastien for AMTM

    Here is a presentation of AMTM and of its patron, Sébastien Izambard, of Il Divo band, directed by Whetne Testa, President of Il Divo fan club in Venezuela.